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Is it a Browning? If so,is it a BPS,B80,A500,Double Auto,Auto5,Gold,A-Bolt,O/U or SxS? What gauge? Your question is sort of like asking, "I have a truck. What is it worth?".

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โˆ™ 2006-02-02 20:41:05
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Q: What is the value of a slug gun 36205?
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Can you shoot 00 buckshot out a slug gun?


Which is more accurate Remington 870 cantilevered slug barrel or hr ultra slug gun?

HR Ultra slug for sure.

How much does a slug gun cost in Australia?

A slug gn will cost you anywhere between $150-$400

What is slug ammunition?

ammunition means "to be fired from a gun" so slug ammunition means they use it as a bullet ,or with one ,or maybe they have a bullet as a shape of a slug

What state is Fort McClellan in?

It is located in Anniston, AL 36205

What is a sabot slug?

A single, non-rifled projectile shot out of a rifled bore shotgun (specifically a slug gun).

Can you shoot a rifled slug from a model 300 Ted Williams shotgun?

You can shoot a rifled slug out of a smooth bored barrels only. You want to have an improved or modified choke on when shooting a rifled slug. It helps the rotaion and accuracy of the slug. Never use a rifled slug in a rilfed barrel. You could destroy your gun if the rilfing in the gun and slug do not match. This is not a gamlbe I am willing to take with any of my guns.

You are looking for a slug barrel for a1400 MK ll?

Gun shop, gun show, want ads

Legal age for a slug gun?

Federal law says you must be 18 to buy a long gun

Will tacking a slug barrel to the gun make much difference in accuracy?


Can you add slug plus five?

Slug would have to be substituted for "x," as slug is not a numerical value. Thus, the final answer would be yes, and the result would be X+ 5 where x=slug.

Does Savage make a 20 gauge slug gun?

currently all they offer is a 12 ga bolt gun

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