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Q: What is the value of bradex no 26-r64-10.1 plate?
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What is the Value of the Bradex Number 84 K41 54.1?


How much does a 4 x 10' steel plate weight?

To complete this problem we need to use the density equation, and first we need to find the density of steel.The density of steel is equal to 7.85gram per centimeter cubed.See related link below for the source of this.The density equation is this...Density = mass/volumeYou are trying to find weight... which is mass times gravity. You know the value of density so that part should be easy. Here is the tricky part. You need to know volume yet you have a plate. A plate is actually in volume even tho you only have 2-dimensions listed. We are going to assume that your 3rd dimension for you plate is a small measurement... like 1 centimeter.Since the value for density is in grams per centimeters cubed you need to convert your 4' by 10' by 1cm steel plate into all centimeters. when you do that your new measurement for your steel plate is ... 121.92cm by 304.8cm by 1cmNow plug all your values into the density equation7.85 grams per cm cubed = mass / 37161.216cm3Mass = 291715.5 gramsNow this seems like a very large number, but it is in grams. So lets convert this answer from grams to something we are more used to like pounds.291,715.5 grams = 643lbs to 644lbsThis is a pretty heavy plate, but also it is a large plate. Also, remember that I had to guess at the thickness of this plate since that value was not given. So this answer might be a little off. Also, in your question you have 4 x 10' I assume that you meant 4' x 10' and remember that the ' mark means feet.

The diameter of a round dinne plate is 10 inches what is the area of the plate?


Where do the foul lines intersect with home plate?

the foul lines come directly to the point on the back of home plate. that is why a ball off the plate is a fair ball

What is the weight of 4 mm chequered plate?

4mm chequered plate unit weight

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Plate Rockwells light campaign series Bradex Number 84-R70-6.4 how much is it worth?

What is the value of this plate

What is the value of bradex no 84 b10 936.4?


What is the value of Bradex plate number 84-70-3.3?

New Retail is $24.98. Amazon listings with documentation of authenticity are around $15. The more documentation they have the higher the price.

What is Bradex?

Bradex is the name of any plate sold on the secondary market. The secondary market is the trading, purchasing and selling of plates recently sold on the primary market by The Bradford Exchange.

What is the Value of the Bradex Number 84 K41 54.1?


Value of 1992 Delphi baseball card that says Babe Ruth The Called Shot first plate in The Legends of Baseball collection from Delphi Bradex Number 84-D19-19-1 Curtis Mgmt group?

i wish i knew, i have one too

What is a Bradex number?

Bradex is short for Bradford Exchange Plates. It is a system of numbering of collectible plates.

What is the value of two Norman rockwell plates The lighthouse keepers daughter?

they are fairly common in auction around $8,000 a piece in mint condition

What is the value for babe Ruth the called shot first plate in the legends of baseball collection from delphi bradex number 84-D19-19.1?

$45-$65, I would never guess. I bought one in 1977 first issue of this beautiful plate. Numbered as 15845E still in styrofoam box with all the papers. If any one interested get in touch with me @ William Mixon

What is the value of a monarch plate brand dish plate?

Waths teh value of monark plate brand 1960

What is the value of a spode plate?

There is a website called; there you can find the pattern of your plate and a price value.

What is the value of a set of nobility plate reverie silverware?

What is the value of nobility plate reverie silverware