What is the values of a record?

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Anywhere from a dollar to $20,000.00. That is such a broad scan but that's because it is such a broad question. There are so many factors but namely, rarity and condition. Most 78's were played to death with steel needles and are heavily worn with lots of surface noise and grey colored worn grooves. A 78 in good condition with shiny grooves, no deep gouges or needle drops or surface wear will command a much higher price - IF......IF it is a desirable and rarer record.

The common phrase is a record is only worth what somebody is willing to pay for it. I have bought records that were worth hundreds of dollars for a dollar or 50 cents at flea markets and junk stores.

Each genre of music has it's golden goodies that are worth a fortune. If your collection is like most, full of red Columbias and black deccas - not much. If a song was a huge tremendous hit it's usually not worth much because they pressed so many copies of it.

You'd have to get a price guide or have them appraised or just have done it for so long you know the values of them. It's a tough answer to give sight unseen.

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2023-03-22 12:46:52
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Q: What is the values of a record?
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