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The volume is worked out using the formula: π(pi) x radius squared x height

Diameter is 24, therfore radius is 12, height is 8ft = 96 ins (all values must be in same units)

Pi x 144 x 96 = 13824π cubic ins.

= 43407.36 cubic ins. (approximately, using π=3.14)

1 cubic foot = 1728 cubic ins

Therefore in cubic feet is 43407.36/1728=25.12 cubic feet


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Q: What is the valume of a drainage pipe 8ft in length and 24 ins in diameter in cubic feet?
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How many cubic feet in cylinder 1.5' in diameter?

There are 1.77 cubic feet of volume per foot of length at 1.5' in diameter.

How do you find the diameter of a water balloon in qubic inches?

Diameter is a length measurement. Cubic inches is a volume measurement. Diameter cannot be measured in or converted to cubic inches.

What is the volume of the cylinder with a length of 22 and a diameter of 9?

The volume of a cylinder with a length of 22 and a diameter of 9 is: 1,400 cubic units.

.75 diameter x 3m length how many cubic meters?

.75 diameter? What units? 0.75 microns? 0.75 kilometres?

How many cubit feet of cylinder 24 inches diameter?

We need to know the diameter AND the length of the cylinder to tell you the cubic volume.

Volume of a 24-inch diameter pipe and a length of 5280 feet?


What is the volume in cu ft of a section of drainage pipe that measures 8ft in length and 24 inches in diameter?

Volume of a cylinder = (pi) (radius)2 (length)Volume of the pipe section, with dimensions in feet = (pi) (1)2 (8) = 8 pi = 25.133 cubic ft (rounded)

What is the volume of a cylinder if the diameter equals 2 feet and the length equals 4 feet?

A cylinder with a diameter of 2 feet and a length of 4 feet has a volume of 12.57 cubic feet.

What is the volume of a Cylinder 27 inch diameter length equals 60inches?

V = 34,353.3 cubic inches.

What is the volume of a pipe with diameter of 1 meter and length of 2 meters?

The volume of a pipe with diameter of 1 meter and a length of 2 meters is 1.57 cubic meters.

What is the volume of a box 10 diameter long 5 diameter wide 15.6 diameter high?

From your question, we don't really know what "diameter" means. If it's a unit of length or distance, then the volume of the box is 10 x 5 x 15.6 = 780 cubic diameter. If "diameter" in your question is not a length or distance, then we have no idea.

How many Cubic feet of 8 inch by 3 feet cylinder?

If the diameter is 8 inches and the length is 3 feet, the volume is: 1.047 cubic feet.

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