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The vertex of the positive parabola turns at point (-2, -11)

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Q: What is the vertex form of y equals x2 plus 4x - 7?
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What is 3y equals 4x plus 9 in standard form?

-4x + 3y = 9

How do you write y equals x minus 4 x plus 2 in vertex form and find the vertex?

The given equation is y = x - 4x + 2 which can be written as y = -3x + 2 This is an equation of a straight line. Therefore it has no vertex and so cannot be written in vertex form.

What is the standard form of 3y equals 4x plus 9?

3y = 4x + 9 -4x + 3y = 9 is the standard form

What is 4x plus 5y equals 11 in y form?

y = (11-4x)/5

What is -4x plus 6y equals 12 in slope intercept form?


Can you put the equation x2 plus 4x plus 10 equals 3 in the form ax2 plus bx plus c equals 0?


Y-5 equals 4x plus 2 in standard form?


4x plus 5 equals -19 equals?


-y equals 4x plus 1 4x plus y equals 2?


What is Y equals -3 plus 4x-x2 in standard form?


What is this equation in standard form 4y equals -6 plus 4x?

In standard form it is 4x - 4y = 6 or 2x - 2y = 3

Type this equation in standard form 3y equals 4x plus 9?

3y=4x+9.....-4xAnswer: 4x-3y=9

How do you write this equation in function form 4x plus y equals 10?

4x + y = 10 is a perfectly valid functional form. The standard form is 4x + y - 10 = 0

13 equals negative 4x plus 9?

The answer to the problem of 13 equals -4x plus 9 is x equals -1.

Solve 8 plus x equals 4 in simplest form?


4x plus y equals 10 what is the slope-intercept form?

y= -4x + 10 Slope intercept form is y=mx+b

What is 4x plus 2y equals 20 in slope intercept form?

4x+2y = 20 2y = -4x+20 y = -2x+10

What is the standard form of 13 equals 4x plus 5y?

The standard form, which is the form that can be generalised to 3 or more dimensional spaces, is 4x + 5y - 13 = 0

4x plus 5y equals 51 4x - 5y equals 21?


What is 4x plus 7 plus 3x equals 19 plus x?

4x plus 7 plus 3x equals 19 plus xx = 2

What is the equation for -4x plus 4y equals plus 1?

-4x + 4y = 1

What is 4x plus 3y equals 12 in slope intercept form?

4x+3y = 12 3y = -4x+12 y = -4/3x+4

How do you turn 10y plus 4x equals plus 10 into slope intercept form?

It is: y = -0.4x+1 when in slope intercept form.

4x plus 32 equals -4x plus 16 x equals?

4x+32=-4x+16x4x+32=12x-4x -4x32=8x/8 /84=x

What is the vertex of the quadratic y -2x2 plus 4x-1?

It is (1, 1).