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42-It is not 42, idk what that is, it's -16t^2+vt+s, now that is the RIGHT answer!

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Q: What is the vertical velocity formula?
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What is the formula of vertical velocity?

vf=vi+at or vf2=vi2+2ad where a=-9.8m/s2

What is vertical velocity?

'Vertical velocity' means speed up or down.

Does horizontal velocity effect the rate of vertical velocity?

No, horizontal velocity and vertical velocity are independent and have no effect on each other.

When was Vertical Velocity - roller coaster - created?

Vertical Velocity - roller coaster - was created in 2001.

What is the formula of an Vertical angle?

what is the formula for a vertical angle

A banana is thrown straight out so it has both horizontal and vertical velocity After 1 second, what is its vertical velocity?


What is velocity in an up or down movement?

velocity in an up or down movement is vertical velocity

What is the vertical motion formula?

formula: h=-16t^2+vt+s H= final height T= time V= velocity S= starting height

What is formula calculating velocity?

The formula is Velocity = Distance/ Time

What is the definition of vertical velocity?

Vertical means up and down; so the vertical velocity is an indication of how quickly an object is rising or falling. If the object is moving at an angle (such as an airplane taking off or landing) then it would be more accurate to call it the vertical component of the object's velocity.

Why at the highest point is the change in velocity zero?

Note - the vertical velocity is zero ... there may be considerable horizontal velocity. And vertical velocity is zero because the object is going neither up nor down.

When an object is in motion in a circle it has?

Vertical Velocity

In projectile motion Why is the vertical component of velocity zero at the highest point of the trajectory?

Just before it reaches the highest point, the vertical component of velocity is upward.Just after it passes the highest point, the vertical component of velocity is downward.There's no way you can change from an upward velocity to a downward velocity smoothlywithout velocity being zero at some instant. A.True.

What affects the vertical component of a projectile's velocity?

Gravity, initial velocity, the sine of the angle of launch, and air resistance all play a role in the vertical component of a projectile's velocity.

Formula for vertical throw?

v2=sqrt(2*g*h) v...starting velocity g...gravity h...height achieved

What ist the formula fir velocity?

The formula for velocity is (v = d/t) or (velocity = distance/time).

What is the formula to velocity?

Velocity is distance / time

Is the horizontal component of a projectiles velocity dependent on the vertical component of its velocity?

No. They're independent.

What is the vertical velocity of a projectile at the highest point in its trajectory?

The vertical velocity is zero at the highest point. It has ceased moving upward and will begin moving downward. Gravity and air resistance will have negated the original vertical velocity (y-component). So the velocity at the highest point has only a horizontal or x-component.

What is the formula for a change in velocity?

The formula for a change in velocity is dV/dt, and this is called acceleration.

How do you find vertical acceleration?

You divide the change in vertical velocity by the time it takes for that change to occur.

What is the formula for speed and velocity?

The formula for speed is distance over time and the formula for velocity is Displacement over time.

What angle must a projectile be launched such that the horizontal velocity will be equal to the vertical velocity?

45 degrees

What is the formula for computing for velocity?

velocity = distance / time

Formula for finging velocity?

velocity is distance/time