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210 cm³

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Q: What is the volume of Cm by Cm by Cm?
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How do you convert cm to a volume?

Cm can't be converted to a volume.

How do you convert cm to volume?

You cannot. "cm" is a measurement of length, not volume.

What is the density if volume is 38 cm and mass is 277g?

Assuming you mean a volume of 38 cm³ (as cm are a measure of length): density = mass/volume = 277g / 38cm³ ≈ 7.289 g/cm³

What is the volume of a rectangle in cubic centimeters?

Volume in cc = Length in cm * width in cm * height in cm.

What is the volume of a piece of aluminum that has a mass of 0.40 kg?

Density of aluminium is 2.7 g/cm³ 1 kg = 1000 g volume = mass / density → volume = 0.4 kg / 2.7 g/cm³ → volume = 0.4 × 1000 g /2.7 cm³ → volume = 4000 / 27 cm³ → volume = 148 4/27 cm³ ≈ 148.1 cm³

If the length of a cube is 2 cm what is its volume?

Its volume is 8 cubic cm

What number is behind the centimeters when you measure the volume of an oblect?

3 cm is distance cm x cm is area cm x cm x cm is volume.

What is the radius of a sphere with a volume of 26.5 cm?

The volume of a sphere cannot be 26.5 cm: volume is a cubic measure, 26.5 cm is a linear measure.

What is the volume of a sphere with a diameter of 24 cm?

A sphere with a diameter of 24 cm has a volume of 7,238.23 cubic cm.

What is the Volume of 150 sq cm?

150 sq cm is an area NOT a volume. You cannot convert an area into a volume.

How do you find the height of a box when the volume is 100 cm and the area of the bottom is 50 square cm?

Volume = area x height volume is 100 cm cubed height = volume/area = 100/50 = 2 cm

Find the volume 8 cm 10 cm 12.5 cm?

Volume: 8*10*12.5 = 1000 cubic cm