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600 cubic cm

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Q: What is the volume of a brick that is 20cm long 10cm wide and 3 cm high?
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What is the volume of a box that is 20cm long 7cm high and 10cm wide?

Volume = 20*7*10 = 1400 cubic cm

What is the volume of a box measuring 2cm deep 20cm long 10cm high?

It is: 2*20*10 = 400 cubic cm

What is the volume of a box which measures 2cm deep 20cm long and 10cm high?

2 x 20 x 10 =400 cubic centimetres.

If a box measures 5Cm high 5Cm wide 10Cm long what is its volume?

5cm * 5cm * 10cm = 250 cm3

If a box measures 10cm high 6cm wide and 5cm long what is its volume?

V = 10cm * 6cm * 5cm = 300cm3

If a shoe box measures 6cm high 7cm wide and 20cm long what is its volume?

6cm x 7cm x 20cm = 840cm3

What is the volume of box 2cm wide 15cm long 10cm high?


If a shoe box measures 5Cm high 10Cm wide 10Cm long what is its volume?

To find the volume, you multiply height X Width X Length. In this case, 5 X 10 X 10. The answer is 500 cubic centimeters.

What is the volume of a cube 10cm length x 5cm wide and 2cm high?

The volume of the cuboid is: 10*5*2 = 100 cubic cm

What is the volume of a block whose side are 10cm long 7cm wide 5cm high?

volume=10 multiplied by 7 and 5=350 cubic cm

What is the volume of a box which measures 2cm deep 15cm long and 10cm high?

2*15*10 = 300 cubic cm

How many cubic meters in 15 ton of soil?

There needs to be more information given, specifically what type of soil and what the moisture content is. If you have a sample of soil, try weighing a known volume. A 1/2 gallon milk carton measures about 10cm by 10cm. If you cut it off 10cm high, you have a volume of 1000 cubic cm. If you weigh this, and multiply the weight by 1000 you will have the weight of 1 cubic meter.

How many liters of water can be contained in a tank measuring 10cm long by 10cm wide by 10cm high?


A standard-size brick is 8 inches long and 2 14 inches high and has a depth of 3 34 inches What is the volume of a standard-size brick?

67.5 cubic inches!

What is the high and low rainfall in a tundra?

the highest is 20cm or 5cm.

What size are most Craters?

about like 10-20cm wide and high

How many pennies can you fit in a box that's 10cm high 10cm long and 10cm wide?

The answer will depend on the country whose pennies you have in mind. Since you have not shared that crucial bit of information, I cannot provide a more useful answer.

When was Brick Township High School created?

Brick Township High School was created in 1956.

When was Brick Memorial High School created?

Brick Memorial High School was created in 1980.

If a girl wears 10cm high heels does she get 10cm taller or is it a little less than that?

10 cm heels will make you just over 10cms taller.

What is the density of a solid that is 10cm long 1cm high and5cm wide with a mass of 500 grams?

Assuming that the solid is a cuboid (not an ellipsoid, for example), its volume is 10*1*5 = 50 cm3. Therefore its density = mass/volume = 500/50 = 10 grams per cm3

Convert 20cm wide x 30cm high into inches?

45 x 70

The Volume of a can?

Most canned goods have their volume printed on their label in fluid ounces, milliliters (ml) or liters. The volume of a cylindrical can may be calculated by using the formula Volume = pi × radius × radius × height (pi is approximately 3.14). For example, a can 6 cm wide (radius = 3cm) and 10 cm high, V = 3.14 x 3cm x 3cm x 10cm = 283cm3 = 283ml = 0.283 liters.

What would the volume of a gold brick you if it is 15cm long 8cm wide and 5cm high?

The volume of a region of space with those dimensions is 15 x 8 x 5 = 600 cubic centimeters, regardless of what's in it. Even if it's empty.

Another word for high volume?

high volume