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9 times 11 times the depth. You need 3 dimensions.

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Q: Find volume of a figure 11cm high by 9cm wide?
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How do you figure out the volume of a container that is 6 in radius and 12 high?


How would you find a volume of a regular shape?

If you want to find a volume of a regular shape, You need to multiply Length, Width, and High.

How do you find volume of cone and pyramid if they did not give you high?

You don't.

How do you calculate volume flow?

If you are trying to find the volume of something, remember there is a formula which is volume = length times width times high.

What is the volume of a solid figure that was 3 cubes long 2 cubes wide and 6 cubes high?

That depends on the exact shape of the figure. If it is a rectangular block, just multiply the three numbers.

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High temperature makes the volume greater.

How do you get the volume for a rectangle shape box?

Multiply length by width by height to find the volume in a cubic unit of measurement. For example, to find the volume of a box that is 2 feet long, 2 feet wide and 3 feet high, 2x2x3=12 cubic feet.

Find volume of a rectangular prism that is 5in long2in wide and 3 in high?

The volume of a rectangular prism is lwh.5(2)(3)=30 cubic inches