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Volume = 3,015.92895 in3

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Q: What is the volume of a cone with the radius of twelve inches and a height of twenty inches?
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Area of a triangle is twenty four square inches it 's height is twelve inches how long is it's base?

4 in

What is the volume of a cone if the radius is twenty meters and has a height of twenty five meters?

A cone, if the radius is twenty meters and has a height of twenty five meters, has a volume of 10471.98m3

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A circle with a circumference of 25 inches has a radius of about 3.979 inches.

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nbvhfvnkjfsdbvyhfndjvnbfyuv r = 4

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There are twelve (12) inches in every foot. Therefore there are 2x12, or twenty-four (24) inches in two feet.

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one foot equals twelve inches. therefore two feet equals twenty-four inches. so twenty-seven inches is greater than two feet.

What is the volume of a cylinder with a height of twenty-eight feet and a radius of twenty-six feet?

Volume = pi*262*28 = 18928pi cubic feet.

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