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A cube cannot have different length, height and width.

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Q: What is the volume of a cube with a length of twelve point five a height of eight and a width of ten?
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Formula for calculating volume of a room?

Assuming the room is rectangular, the formula for calculating the volume of it would be: length x width x height. A ten by ten room that is eight feet in height would have a volume of 800 cubic feet.

How do you compute for volume from coordinates?

It depends on the shape you are attempting to compute the volume of. If you are attempting to compute the volume of a box (eight sides, each perpendicular), then it is simply length times width times height.

Is eight stone overweight for a twelve year old girl?

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Is the sides of a cell double in length its volume increases by?


If a cuboid has volume of 30 cubic Cm's what is the length height and width?

A cuboid is another name for a cube. The three dimensions of a cube are identical and its volume is the product of its length, height, and width. Each of the dimensions of a 30 cubic cm cube is the cube root of 30 cubic centimeters, which is 3.10723251 cm to eight decimal places.

What is the volume of twenty eight feet wide 4 feet deep and fifteen feet long?

volume= length x width x height volume = 15 x 28 x 4 = 1680 ft^3 (feet cubed)

What is the volume of a cylinder with a diameter of eight inches and a height of twelve inches?

V = pi * r2 * h V = 3.14 * 42 * 12 = (just over) 600 cubic inches or almost 21 pints

What is twelve times eight?

twelve times eight is 96.

If the two sides of a cell double in length its volume increases by how many times?


If a cube has a volume of eight cubic meters what is the length of each edge?

Each edge measures 2 meters in length.

How do you figure out the volume of a box that is eight cm deep ten cm wide and twelve cm tall?

The volume is 8*10*12 = 960 cm3.

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There are eight twelve months (or years) in eight years.

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