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Not enough information has been given such as the height of the flask.

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Q: What is the volume of a round flask with diameter of 12 millimeters?
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What is the volume of a round flask with diameter of 11 milliliters?

If its in the shape of a sphere its volume is 696.909703 or 697 cubic mm to the nearest cubed mm.

What is the area of a circle with a diameter of 25 millimeters?

3.14 x 12.52 = 490.625 or round it up to 490.63 millimeters.

In the Round 7.62X56 what does the X56 mean?

7.62 is the diameter in millimeters of the projectile or the inner diameter of the bore the projectile is to be used in. 56 is the length in millimeters of the cartridge case (excluding the bullet).

What is the difference between caliber and millimeter in ammunition?

They're both measurements of the diameter of the round (or the barrel). Caliber is a measurement in inches, and millimeters are millimeters. For instance, a .30 caliber bullet is 30 hundredths of an inch, or 7.62 millimeters in diameter.

A round container has a height of 2cm and a diameter of 2cm what is the volume?

The volume is 4.19 cm3

What is the round bottom flask use for in chemistry?

The round bottom flask is used frequently for distillation.

What is a florence flask is used for?

A florence flask is a round bottomed flask used for boiling.

What is the volume of a cylinder 150mm round by 1000mm high?

If the diameter is 150 mm and the height is 1,000 mm then the volume is 17,671,000 mm3

What would the Volume of cylinder 300mm round by 600mm deep be?

The volume of a 300mm diameter by 600mm deep cylinder is: 42,412,000 mm3

What is the function of round bottom flask?

A round bottom flask is called a boiling flask. I tolerates the stresses of heating better than flat bottom or Erlenmeyer flasks.

Formula for gallons in a round pool?

Depth x Diameter-squared x 5.9 = Volume in Gallons

What exact size is the m-14 rifle's amunition ie 7.62x54r?

The M14 rifle is chambered for the 7.62x51mm NATO cartridge. The 7.62 round has a bullet diameter of 7.82 millimeters, and a case length of 51.18 millimeters.