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Circumference = 59.7 cm implies radius = 9.5 cm (approx)

That, in turn, implies that volume = 3593.1 cm3

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Q: What is the volume of a sphere if the circumference is 59.7cm?
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What is a A sphere whose volume in cubic centimeters is 400?

A sphere with this volume has a diameter of 9.1416 cm, a surface area of 262.54 square cm and a circumference of 28.719 cm.

Find the volume to the nearest tenth of a sphere with a circumference of 12 feet?

First we have to find the radius by dividing the circumference by 2*pi which works out as 1.909859317 feet Volume of a sphere = 4/3*pi*radius3 Volume = 29.18050088 or 29.2 cubic feet to the nearest tenth

What are the 7 parts of a sphere?

They can be: volume, surface area, radius, diameter, circumference, axis and its hemisphere

How can pi help you measure?

Pi is not a size. Pi is usually 22/7. Sometimes also 3,14. Pi is used to measure area and circumference of a circle, and the volume of sphere / tube. If there is no pi, then the area and circumference of circle, and the volume of sphere / tube will not be counted.

Why is pi important in layman term?

The circumference of a circle divided by its diameter is the value of pi and pi has a wide range of uses some of which are:- Finding the volume of a sphere Finding the surface area of a sphere Finding the volume of a cone Finding the volume of a cylinder Finding the area of a circle Finding the circumference of a circle

Find the circumference of the great circle if the volume of the sphere is 179.6 m Round to the nearest tenth?


What is the circumference of a sphere with a diameter of 20 inches?

The circumference of the sphere is ~62.831 inches.

How do you work out the surface area of a sphere shape?

The area of a sphere is equal to its circumference times its diameter.There are a variety of ways to work out this formula, most of them involving calculus.(See the links for the volume of a sphere).

What is the formula for the circumference of a sphere?

C = 2(pi) r circumference of a sphere = 2*pi*radius or pi*diameter (Any circular circumference is the same for a perfect sphere.)

What size is a sphere that has 20 cubic feet of volume?

A sphere with 20 cubic feet of volume has the following:A radius of 1.684 feetA diameter of 3.368 feetA circumference of 10.58 feetA surface area of 35.63 square feet

How do you find the circumference of a sphere?

Circumference = π * Diameter

What is the formula for volume of a radius?

A radius is the distance from the centre of a circle (or sphere) to its circumference (or surface). It is a straight line and has dimensions [L]. It has only a length, no volume. So there is no such furmula.