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given the length of a side as S, the volume is:


Where SQRT(2) is the square root of 2 (~1,414) and S3 is the length of a side cubed.

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Q: What is the volume of the regular tetrahedron?
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How many internal diagonals are there in a regular tetrahedron?

zero, for any tetrahedron, not just regular

What is a 3D shape that is a tetrahedron?

Well, a tetrahedron has four sides. A regular tetrahedron is a triangular pyramid.

How do you work out the volume of a tetrahedron?

The volume(cm3) of a tetrahedron is 1/3 (area of the base)X height

Is there a difference between a regular tetrahedron and a non-regular tetrahedron?

Yes. A tetrahedron is a closed 3-d shape with 4 triangular faces. In a regular polygon, each of these is an equilateral triangle.

What regular polygon forms a tetrahedron?

In general, a regular polygon is not required for a normal tetrahedron.An equilateral triangle is required for a regular tetrahedron.

What has five faces but its solid?

A Tetrahedron. The most common form of a tetrahedron is called a regular tetrahedron, or a pyramid

What is the formula to find the volume of a tetrahedron?

If the area of the base of the tetrahedron is A square units and the vertical height is h units, then the volume is V = 1/3*A*h cubic units. If the tetrahedron is regular, with sides of length of length s units, then V = sqrt(2)/12*s3 cubic units.

Is a prism a non-regular tetrahedron?

No, it is not.

Is a tetrahedron shape regular?

It can be but need not be.

How many edges has a regular tetrahedron?


What shapes does a tetrahedron have?

A tetrahedron is a four sided polyhedron. Each face is a triangle. If it is a regular tetrahedron, then each face is an equilateral triangle.

Find the volume of a regular tetrahedron in which each edge is 8 in long?

formula for finding the volume of tetrahedrone is=sqrt(2)*side*3/4 if side is 3 then the volume is 9(sqrt(2))/4

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