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In general, a regular polygon is not required for a normal tetrahedron.An equilateral triangle is required for a regular tetrahedron.

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Q: What regular polygon forms a tetrahedron?
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Is there a difference between a regular tetrahedron and a non-regular tetrahedron?

Yes. A tetrahedron is a closed 3-d shape with 4 triangular faces. In a regular polygon, each of these is an equilateral triangle.

What is the definition of a regular pyramid?

A regular pyramid is a right pyramid whose base is a regular polygon. There are only three regular pyramids: a regular tetrahedron, a regular square pyramid, and a regular pentagonal pyramid.

What is a polygon with four faces?

Its a tetrahedron

How many internal diagonals are there in a regular tetrahedron?

zero, for any tetrahedron, not just regular

What is a 3D shape that is a tetrahedron?

Well, a tetrahedron has four sides. A regular tetrahedron is a triangular pyramid.

What is A polygon that is not regular?

its a not regular polygon

Is a hexagon a regular polygon or not a regular polygon?

A 6 sided hexagon polygon can be regular or irregular.

What is the difference between a polygon and a regular polygon?

A regular polygon is one in which all the sides are the same length and also, all the angles are of the same measure. A rhombus, is a four sided polygon (quadrilateral) in which all sides are of equal length. However, in general, it is not regular because the angles are not the same - unless it forms a square.

What has five faces but its solid?

A Tetrahedron. The most common form of a tetrahedron is called a regular tetrahedron, or a pyramid

What molecules or ions has a linear shape?

PH3 forms a trigonal pyramid ClO4- forms a perfectly regular trigonal pyramid, known as a tetrahedron BeCl2 ~APEX

What molecule or ion has a linear shape?

PH3 forms a trigonal pyramid ClO4- forms a perfectly regular trigonal pyramid, known as a tetrahedron BeCl2 ~APEX

What is a regular polygon vs a not regular polygon?

A regular polygon is a polygon whose sides are equal length and whose angles are all the same value. A non regular polygon is just the opposite of a regular polygon.

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