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Any volume can be measured in cc (cubic centimeters), a cube one centimeter on a side also equal to a milliliter (one thousandth of a liter).

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Q: What is the volume that is measured in cc?
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What is property of matter is measured in cubic centimeters?

Volume of an object is measured in cc

What is a volume of a liquid measured in?

cc or mL

What is a cc in a syringe?

Volume measured in cubic centimeters.

What is volume is solid measured in?

Cc or cubic centimetre

What unit is solid volume measured in?

Cc or cubic centimetre

What is the relationship between the mass of water and its volume?

The mass = its volume. This is true if the mass of water is measured in grams and the volume is measured in cc and the density of water is 1 gram/cc. Depending on temperature, 1 gram/cc is a good approximation. In general, the relationship between water (or anything else) and its volume is mass/volume = density.

What dencity is measured in?

Density is measured in mass per volume (kg/cc) or, often in English, weight per volume (pounds/cubic-feet).

A unit of density is measured in?

weight/volume like g/cc,Kg/l

Is one cc a measure of density?

1 cc's is a measurement of volume not density. In most cases liquids are measured in cc's. Many liquid medications are to be given in a certain amount of cc's.

What is 1 volume of water?

1 Volume of water is nothing but volume of water measured in liters or ml EG Volume = mass/density 1 Volume= 1 gm/1 gm/cc = 1 cc therefore 10 volume = 10 cc if it is in KG, 10 volume= 10 kg/10kg/L = 10 L

What is the density of an object whose mass is 36g and whose volume is 12cm?

The question, as presented, is total nonsense since volume cannot be measured i cm. A centimetre is a measure of distance, not volume. The appropriate measure for volume is cubic centimetres or cc. Density = Mass/Volume = 36 g/12 cc = 3 grams per cc.

What is measured in cubic centimeters?

Swept combustion chamber volume of the engine. 2 L is equal to 2000 cc. 1 cc also equals 1 mL.

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