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The weight of the pipe will depend on its volume, The volume in turn, will depend on

  • inner radius or diameter,
  • outer radius or diameter,
  • length.

Only one of these is given.

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Q: What is the weight of 4 inch asbestos pipe?
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What is the unit weight of 4 inch dia GI pipe and wallthickness?

Please Calculate the weight per fit of G.I. pipe

What is 4 inch drill pipe torque up to?

A 4 inch drill pipe torque is used for fishing in small casing.

How many times bigger is a 10 inch pipe than a 8 inch pipe?

Every time! lol Seriously a 10-inch pipe is 5/4 of an 8-inch pipe

What is water volume 4 inch pipe per foot?

Each foot of a 4-inch diameter pipe has a water volume of: 0.652 gallons.

An 8 inch pipe carry how much more volume than 4 inch pipe?

The volume of a cylinder (pipe) is: pi*(r^2)h If a pipe has an 8 inch radius, then to find the volume you substitute: V = pi*(8^2)h If a pipe has a 4 inch radius, then to find the volume you substitue: V = pi*(4^2)h Thus, an eight inch pipe can carry 150.72*h more units cubed.

When saying calculating inch dia of pipe is number of welded joints x pipe size that refers to lenght of pipe or diameter of pipe?

Pipe size refers to the diameter of the pipe (in inch).

How do you compare the volumes of 6 inch pipe with 4 in pipe?

By calculating the areas of circles with diameters 6 and 4 and comparing those: pi3^2=pi9 pi2^2=pi4 pi9/pi4=9/4=2.25 So the 6 inch pipe holds 2.25 times as much as the 4 inch pipe.

If i have an 1 2 inch pipe and want to cap it would i buy a 3 4 inch cap or 1 2 inch?

1/2 inch for 1/2 inch pipe.

What is the formula for weight of water in a pipe?

First, get the volume of water in the pipe. Assume the pipe is completely full, and the formula for the Volume = Volume = Pi (3.14159) X Radius of pipe 2 X Length of pipe Then convert Volume to Weight. So, for 10 feet of 4" Inside Diameter pipe: Radius = 1/2 * Diameter = 1/2 * 4 inch = 2 inch Length = 120 inches Volume = 3.14159 X 22 X 120 = 1,508 cubic inches 1 cubic inch of water = 0.036127 pounds So: 1508 cubic inches * 0.036127 pounds per cubic inch = 54 pounds.

How do you find diameter of a pipe?

for 4 inch and ahove 1.5 multiple with pipe size

A four inch pipe carry how much more volume than a 2 inch pipe?

It is based on the flow area, which is proportional to the square of the diameter. 2 squared = 4. 4 squared = 16. So, the 4 inch pipe can take 16/4 = 4 times the volume of the 2 inch pipe. It might be less confusing if you had picked sizes other than 2 and 4. This is a rough calculation, since pipe inside diameters are not the same as nominal sizes, but close enough for most purposes.

How many feet of three quarter inch pipe to hold one gallon of water?

43.6 feet of 3/4-inch pipe.

What is the radius of a 4 inch pipe?

The radius is half of the 4 inch diameter. Therefore, the radius is 2 inches.

Water volume of 4-inch pipe per foot?

The volume of water in a 4-inch diameter, 1-foot section of pipe is 0.6528 gallons of water.

If you have 400 feet of pipe that is 4 inch round how many gallons is in that pipe?

37,601.19192 gallons

What should 3 inch drain pipe drop per inch?

1/4 inch per foot.

How many gallons of water in a 4 inch pipe 100 feet long?

A 4-inch pipe 100 feet long can hold up to 65.3 US gallons of water.

What is the inside diameter of Asbestos Cement Pipe?

Asbestos cement pipe was made in many different sizes. The two types of Asbestos cement pipe are rough and machined. Currently the sizing of AC (Asbestos Cement Pipe) is divided into three classifications. The three classes are Class 100, Class 150, and Class 200. Standard AC sizes are 3", 4", 6", 8", 10", 12", 14", 16", 18", 20", 24". A decent reference page for the OD sizing of machined and rough barrel pipe is available at the related link, below, giving a pipe outer diameter chart.

How do you cut a carbon steel pipe 4 inch?

A handheld bandsaw or a cutting torch, along a straight line made by a wraparound pipe marker. our company has the steel pipe machine and you can cut it in 4 inch-haihao pipe fitting group

What is DN 100 pipe?

Pipe with a Nominal Bore of 4 inch (100mm) Outside Diameter 114.3mm

How much volume is in 3000 ft of 4 inch pipe?

The volume of this pipe is 261.8 cubic feet.

How many pcs of 4 inch pipe can be cut from a 4 foot stock?


Is 4 inch cast iron and 4 inch PVC pipe the same size?

Not exactly, but you can still connect them with proper fittings.

When replacing 80 ft of old steel pipe which is fed from half inch pipe with copper is there any reason to use 3.4 inch pipe instead?

That's 3/4" pipe, not 3.4" prehaps it would deliver more pressure through the 1/2 inch pipe than 3/4 inch. 3/4" pipe will be less restrictive over the course of the run. Otherwise, no. 1/2" Copper Pipe will do fine, since it has a smoother bore, less restrictive, no lime and rust build-up. The only reason for you to use 3/4" pipe is if you want more volume. The pressure remains the same.

What is the inside diameter of 0.75 inch pipe?

Three-quarter inch diameter pipe refers to the outside diameter. Different pipe types of the same outside diameter usually have different inside diameters. ASTM SCH 40 pipe of 3/4 inch diameter has an inside diameter of 0.824 inches. ASTM CL 200 pipe of 3/4 inch diameter has an inside diameter of 0.930 inches because of the thinner wall.