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The red clay bricks I bought today - measuring about 4" x 8" x 2 1/4" thick (10 cm x 20 cm x 5 1/2 cm) - weigh just under 6 lbs (about 2.7 Kilograms) apiece.

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Q: What is the weight of a red clay brick in Kilograms?
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What is the unit weight of a red clay brick?


What is the weight of a red clay brick?

slightly less than 6 lbs

What is Weight of red clay brick 9''x4.5''x3''?

i thing 5 lbs

Where can you purchase red clay and red clay brick in Canada?

if you are interested in purchasing red clay please email me at

How many bricks in a pallet of brick?

on a pallet of red clay brick there are 532

Why color of brick is red?

Bricks are all different colors and materials. The color of brick can be red based on the clay used in it.

Which is better cement hollow brick or red clay brick for construction of apartment?

The red clay brick is better than hollow brick for construction of apartments. Because bands should be constructed at every 5-10 feet height if we adopt hollow bricks. Moreover, red clay bricks have higher strength than hollow bricks.

How much does one used red clay brick cost?


What clay is used for brick?

Clay which is free from impurities like foreign matters, vegetation, stones,etc.,It should be free from saline deposits.Mostly red clay is used in brick manufacturing.

How much does one cubic foot of brick weigh?

One cubic foot of common red brick weigh 120 pounds. For fire clay bricks, the weight is 150 pounds per cubic foot.

How do you get red brick on minecraft?

Bricks are made by heating clay in a furnace, put 4 bricks together to make a brick block

How much does one cubic yard of brick weigh?

Assuming the standard size of a red clay brick 4"x8"x2-1/4", (1) CY of bricks would weight 6,912 lbs, or 3.46 tons.

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