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What is the width of a six grade math text book?

Lay the book on the table. Put your left hand on the left side of the book. Put your right hand on the right side of the book. Look the distance between your hands. It is that wide.

Six grade math?


How do you teachers learn six graders math?

In sixth grade

What is a eighty six in the grade book?

I think it's a B.

Is 254 for math nwea is good for six grade?

Ofcourse that is. Most people i know get 254 or higher in eight grade. You achieving that in sixth grade is pretty impressive. :)

What grade is Matilda in?

Are you talkinga bout Matlida from the Roald Dahl book? She was supposed to be six, so she had to have been in first grade.

What is chapter six about in the book tales of a fourth grade nothing?

fang hits town

What will the teacher be talking about in the sixth grade?

she will be talking about math and all the basic stuff you did in grade 5 just a bit harder like decimals and fractions dont worry if you dont succeed just try your best thats what counts most teachers are nice in grade six! im in grade six my self!

What is the name of a six grade science book fair oaks ranch community school?


What is a good math game for your kids?

I know some from Funbrain. Math Basketball and Math Soccer are some. Math Soccer is harder, though. To use a grade level other than sixth grade, click the address box, and use you Right Arrow Key until you see a six. Press Backspace, and type in something else. Eight Maximum. Those games are pure math.

Do you have to pass math in six grade?

The only thing that you really need to know is the quadratic formula, its uses in everyday life. that's all

How old is scout?

in To Kill a Mockingbird? If that is the answer, then the answer to your question is Scout is five (nearly six) when the book begins and about to start school (first grade); when it ends she is eight and is in third grade.

What happens to rock when Earths temperature increases?

rocks melt [found this in the six grade california science book] <3kendal135

What is the length and width of a rectangle when the length is six less than the width and the perimeter is twenty- four?

length is 3 and width is 9

How do you say 6.5 in math?

six point five, six and a half, six and five tenths

Is mateo arias in six grade?


How many pages are in the book the view from Saturday?

The Jean Karl paperback has 176 pages. The book was written by E. L. Konigsburg. It is about a six grade academic bowl team.

How do you spell 6?

Six it is soooo, easy like a grade one. Hi my name is Abigail I am 8 years old and I m grade 3 I am almost grade four now because were already in fourth quarter.

In math how many sides to hexagon?


What happens in book six of the Sisters Grimm?

book six happens...

What is the width of a American girl doll?

Five or six inches

What is the average width of a male worker bee?

About six millimetres.

Awners Page 80 grade six math nelson?

the awnser is not your are stupid who ever wrote that is a gay lord well anywaays im not even going to tell you the awnser that just gay

What is the letter grade for a Seventy six?


How many kid have laptop in six grade for school?

i just finished grade six and out of sixty two, only 3 people had their own laptops :)