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The word form is discrete!

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Q: What is the word form of discreet?
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Related questions

What is adjective of discretion?

The adjective form of the word "discretion" is "discreet."

How do you make the word discreet into a noun?

The noun is formed by adding the suffix -ness to the adjective "discreet" to form discreetness.

Sentences using the word discreet?

This information is very Discreet. discreet news were leaked.

What is the noun for discreet?

The noun form of the adjective 'discreet' is discreetness.A related noun form is discretion.

What word ends in eet?


What does the word indescretion mean?

It comes from the verb to be discreet. An indiscretion is something someone did that was not discreet.

What is another word for discreet?

cautious and sensible.

What is a sentence using the word discreet?

(discreet means like secretive, or circumspect)Trying to be discreet, I slipped the note into his locker.Hotels that host celebrities will often be discreet about their guests' actions.A discreet inquiry was made about the boy's family situation at home.

What is the abstract noun for discreet?

The abstract noun form of the adjective 'discreet' is discreetness.A related abstract noun is discretion.

How do you use the word whit in a sentence?

anserw whit word discreet

What is sentence with context clues for the word discreet?

"To avoid suspicion, the secret agent had to be discreet and cautious." "If she had not been discreet, her affair with the governor could have ruined his political career."

How do you use the word discreet in a sentence?

("discreet" means private, circumspect, unobtrusive while the similar word "discrete" means separate, individual)He made some discreet inquiries about her brother's shady past.I'll try to be a bit more discreet the next time.To avoid suspicion, the secret agent had to be discreet and cautious.There was a discreet silence in the house.Being discreet is a good way to avoid hurting someone's feelings.I could tell you her secret, but that wouldn't be discreet.The hotel manager was very discreet concerning his clientele, especially the married men.I was very discreet when I pointed out the flaws in their plan.He was found guilty of a crime so discreet people couldn't understand what the crime was.

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