What is the worlds most pirated show?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Game of Thrones

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Q: What is the worlds most pirated show?
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Which country has the most pirated DVD's?


How do you find copies of a pirated dvd video?

First and foremost, piracy should be banned anywhere. Not only are they destroying the business in show business, they are also destroying the economy by not paying proper taxes. Being pirated, it is a guarantee that a copy of a pirated dvd video is not good. People should not buy pirated products.

How do you upload a tv show on youtube without a strike?

You will need to get permission from the copyright owner. This is rather unlikely, however, and most pirated content is removed from the YouTube website.

What is the worlds most stolen item?

There are a few statistics that show "Money" is the worlds most stolen item, more than likely because it is the one thing that every country has in common.

Is ImageShack pirated?

Why do you think ImageShack being pirated? I am sure it's not....

How do you know if software is pirated?

Software that is pirated will not be sold from an autorized retail store. It might come in packaging that is not the original, or with a product keycode that is not on official packaging. Software piracy is highly illegal. Very often, you would already know it is pirated, since you were the one who searched for it in file-sharing software and downloaded a serial number or registration crack. Except in the case of counterfeit goods as described in the previous paragraph, most users of pirated software know it is pirated.

Is there any pirated ubuntu operating system present?

Ubuntu is free, it can not be pirated.

Are Japanese vhs tapes pirated?

No Japanese VHS tapes are real not pirated

Why won't my minecraft worlds show up on my new computer?

The worlds are probably not stored on any official Mojang server, so are not linked with your account, they are most likely stored locally on your harddrive.

When is it appropriate to install pirated software on a computer?

it is never appropriate to install pirated software

How are you going to sell a pirated CD to a person who is against piracy?

dont tell them it is pirated

What is the worlds most popular My Little Pony?

This question is not answerable, as it is difficult to measure how much each character in a show is liked worldwide.