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3 3/4 x 2/5 = 1 1/2 or 1.5

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Q: What is three and three fourths times two fifths?
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Is two fifths bigger than three fourths?

No, two fifths is smaller the three fourths. It would only be 8/20ths while three fourths would be 15/20ths.

What is three fourths of two fifths?

three tenths.

What is eight and three fourths plus six and two fifths?

Eight and three fourths plus six and two fifths is fifteen and one twentieth.

What is three fourths times one half plus two thirds times four fifths?


Is two fourths bigger than three fifths?


What is three-fifths of four-ninths multiplied by two-fifths of five-fourths?


What is two fifths divided by three-fourths?


What is the common denominator of two fifths and three fourths?


What is three fourths times three and how?

Three fourths times two is one and a half so if you add three fourths to that you will get two and one fourth.

What is negative two and two fifths plus three fourths?


What is three fourths times two?

If you multiply the fraction three-fourths by two you will get six-fourths. If you change that improper fraction to a mixed fraction you will get one and two-fourths. The two-fourths reduces to one-half. There fore three-fourths times two is one and a half.

What is two fourths plus three fifths?

one and one tenth

What is three fifths times four?

two and two fifths

What does three fourths times two fifths equal?

3/4 times 2/5 = 3/10 in its simplest form

What is eight fifteenths of three fourths?

Two fifths.

What is two fifths plus seven fourths?

2.15 or 2 and three twentieths

What is bigger three quarters or two fifths?

The answer is three fourths. three fourths= 75%:- 3x25= 75 - 4x25= 100 two fifths= 40% : - 2x20=40 - 5x20=100

What does three fourths times two fifths equal to?

3/4 x 2/5 = 6/20 = 3/10

Is three fourths greater than two fifths?


What is two fifths times three fifths?

It is 6/25

What is less than three fourths and greater than three fifths?

An (uncountable) infinitude of numbers, including two thirds, seven tenths, and pi fifths.

What is 1 and three fourths times 3 and two fifths?

(7/4) x (17/5) = 119/20 = 5 and 19 twentieths.

Was which fraction greater than two fifths three tenths seven tenths two fourths or three sixths?


Which is bigger two fifths or three fourths?

Well 2 is less than half of 5...... and 3 is more than half of 4. Therefore: three fourths is more than two fifths.

What is two-fifths times three-fifths?

0.24 or 6/25

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