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3 into 24 is 8

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Q: What is three divide something equals eight?
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How many yards is 24 feet?

8 Divide the number of feet by three. Three feet equals one yard. So the answer is...eight.

What does three divide seven equals?


What is eight divided by three?

Eight divided by three equals 2.6666666 repeating

What is sixteen divide three eight?


What divide three equals eighteen?

It is: 54/3 = 18

When adding fractions with the same denominator why do you only add numerators?

Three books plus five books equals eight books. Three bananas plus five bananas equals eight bananas. Three houses plus five houses equals eight houses. Three tenths plus five tenths equals eight tenths.

What does three out of eight equals in fractions?


What is three hundred and thirty - eight divide by five?


How do you find a third of something?

Divide that number by three.

What is eight plus twelve divide by four minis three?


What is 60 divded by 3?

divide 60 by 2 you get thirty... divide it by three twenty goes in to 60 three times so it equals 20! :)

What is 2 and three eighths as a percent?

Converting fractions to percents is easy, particularly if you have a calculator: 1) Three eighths, written as 3/8, means divide eight by three, which equals 0.375. 2) Add two to that, resulting in 2.375.

What is five times eight equals three times c?

The answer is 13.

What times three equals ninety eight?

32.66667 x 3

How do you divide a circle into eight parts using three straight lines?

You can cut a round cake into eight parts with three cuts, but you can't cut a circle into eight parts with three straight lines.

How do I change 6 oz into cups?

A cup equals eight ounces. Divide your total number of ounces by eight to get the number of cups. (For example, 24 ounces is 3 cups.) Six divided by eight is 3/4ths. You need three fourths of a cup for your recipe.

One minus three over eight equals what?

5 over 8

X divide 12 equals three?

x/12 = 3 Therefore x = 36

Does 585 feet equals to 195 yards?

Yes, that is correct. Divide feet by three to get yards.

How do you figure out three fourths m equals 45?

Divide 45 by 3 and multiply the answer by 4...

What is three over eight plus one over four equals?

Five over eight. 5/8

What is the square meters of an area three point eight meters by three point eight meters?

The answer is 3.8 times 3.8 equals 14.44 square meters

How many pounds equals 48 ounces?

48 ounces is three pounds (divide ounces by 16).

How can you multiply 242 x 8 by breaking apart numbers in words?

Two hundred times eight equals sixteen hundred. Forty times eight equals three hundred twenty. Two times eight equals sixteen. Sixteen hundred plus three hundred twenty plus sixteen equals nineteen hundred thirty-six. Two hundred forty-two times eight equals nineteen hundred thirty-six.

What is one fourth of 12.00?

It is three just divide 12 diveded by 4. It equals three. Hope I helped you