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Twelve and three fourths.

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Q: What is three fourths plus twelve?
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Related questions

What is two and three fourths plus two and three fourths plus three fourths plus three fourths?


What is eight and three fourths plus three and seven twelfths?

twelve and four twelfths

What is 3 and three fourths plus 3?

Three and three fourths plus three is six and three fourths.

What is one and three fourths plus one and three fourths?

1.75 + 1.75 = 3.5 One and three fourths plus one and three fourths is three and a half.

How many three fourths are in twelve?

There are 16 3/4s. There are 16 ...three fourths

What is one sixth plus three fourths?

11/12 eleven over twelve

What is three fourths of twelve?


What is 2 plus 10 plus 1 and three fourths?

13 and three fourths

What is the answer of nine divided by three-fourths?


How many sixteenths are in three fourths?


What is one fourths plus two fourths equals?

three fourths

What is three fourths plus one eights?

Three fourths plus one eight is 1 whole

What number is three fourths of sixteen?

three fourths of sixteen is twelve.3/4 of 16 is 12

What is one half plus three fourths?

One half plus three fourths is equal to five fourths or 5/4.

What is one plus three fourths?

One and three fourths or 1.75 in decimal.

What is nine and one fourths plus three and three fourths equal?


What does three-fourths plus three-eighths plus four-fourths equal?

Seventeen eighths or two and an eighth.

What is the real answer to three fifths plus three fourths?

First we need to convert them into like terms. Three fifths is twelve twentieths. Three fourths is fifteen twentieths. Together that is twenty-seven twentieths. That is one and seven twentieths or 1.35 in decimal.

What is one-half plus three-fourths?

What is one half plus three fourths?One half plus three fourths is, 1 and 1/4.

Is three fourths and twelve sixteenths equal?


What is negative three fourths plus negative three fourths?

negative one and a half

What is two-fourths plus three-fourths?

five fourths, or 1 and 1 fourth

What is four and one fourths plus three and two fourths?

7.75 OR 7 3/4 OR seven and three-fourths

What is the least common denominator of three-fourths and five-sixths?

The least common denominator of three fourths and five sixths is twelve.

What is three and 1 fourths plus one and 3 fourths?


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