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3--4 Change those two minus signs into a plus.


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Q: What is three minus negetive four?
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Why minus times plus equals minus?

If you have negetive 7 and you multiply it by 3 you are just adding negetive 7 three times so it remains negetive

What is five eighths minus ten?

negetive four

What does negetive 16 minus negetive 16 equal?

-16 minus -16 is 0.

What is negetive 3 minus negetive 2?


What is three minus seven?

three minus seven is four

What is nine minus four and three elevenths?

nine minus four and three elevenths is four and eight elevenths

What is the answer to four minus two and three eighths?

Four minus two and three-eighths equals one and five-eighths.

What is three minus negative four?

3-(-4)= 3+4= 7

What Four fifths minus three tenths?


What is minus four plus minus three?

- 4 +- 3 = -7

What is 16 minus negetive 5?

16 - - 5 = 21 because - - = +

What is negative 3 minus 1?

a minus three minus an neative one is a negative four

What is four minus three fourths?

three and one-forth

What is 3-7?


What is one minus negative nine?

-8, negetive eight. By 8th grader.:)

What is Four and three twelves minus three and six twelves?

three fourths

What is one sixth minus two thirds?

Two thirds is four sixths. One sixth minus four sixths is minus three sixths, which is also minus one half.

What is one minus two plus three minus four plus five?


What is three minus four?

3 - 4 = -1

What is sixty three minus fifty nine?


What is the answer to negative three minus one?

Negative four

What is positive three minus negative four?


What is negative four minus positive three?


What is three twelves minus four twelves?

Three twelves is 36. Four twelves is 48. 36 - 48 = -12. Three twelfths - fourth twelfths equals minus one twelfth.

Four times three to the second power minus two?

Four times 3^2 minus two = 34.