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The expression is 3|t - y|.

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Q: What is three times the difference of t and y?
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Translate into a mathematical equation four times the difference of y and three is -1?


What does negative three times four times y equal?

-3 times 4 times y = -12y

3 times the difference of x and y?

3(x - y)

What is the 3 times the difference of x and y?

3 (x - y)

Which equation can be used to find two numbers such that twice the first equals three times the second and three times their difference exceeds twice the second by 13?

Let the two numbers be x and y, then:Twice the first equals three times the second: 2x = 3yThree times their difference exceeds the second by 13: 3(x - y) = y + 13From equation (1) it is clear the first number (x) is greater than the second (y), so their difference is x - y.Equation (2) can be rearranged:3(x - y) = y + 13→ 3x - 3y = y + 13→ 3x = 4y + 13This gives two simultaneous equations:2x - 3y = 03x - 4y = 13which can then be solved to find the two numbers (x and y).

2 y y y write in exponential form?

I assume you mean 2 times y times y times y. Since y is multiplied by itself three times, you have 2 times y3, also known as 2 times y cubed, which is written as 2y3.

Three and four are both exponents Y 4 times y 3?

y4 times y3 = y7

Why is different reinforcement bar between T bar Y bar and R bar?

the difference is that y-bars have a little bit more strength in them because of the extra support by the y in the bars> but t-bars look better

What does Y plus 2D equals T mean?

It is a formula that links three variables: Y D and T together. It is not possible to impute any greater meaning without information on what the three letters stand for!

What is the next letter in the series a f z u g l t?

Answer is "o" because a(first letter)-F(6th letter)=different of 5 x+y difference z to u = 5 x-y difference g to l i= 5 x+y difference t to o = 5 x-y

Write an expression for the phrase 4 times the difference of 6 and a number y?

X = 4(6-y)

What is 9 times the difference of two numbers?

9(x - y)

70 T S Y and T?

Three score years and ten ( 30x 20 +10 = 70)

What is y equals 2pt divided by p-2?


What is y times y squared?

y times y times y (or y3)

What is the best way to write 3 times the difference of 12 and y?

Use the wording's phrases to help you put together an algebraic expression. The first part is 3 times. This means 3(...). The difference means we're going to be subtracting 12-y. If we put our problem together we get 3(12-y).

What does how many times more mean in math?

"How many times" and "how many times more" are often confused. 8 is four times 2 8 is three times more than 2. The logic underlying the second statement is as follows: 8 is 6 MORE than 2 .. .. .. .. .. .. (I) 6 is three times 2 .. .. .. .. .. .. .. (2) Substituting for 6, from (2) into (1) gives 8 is [three times 2] more than 2 and that is collapsed (simplified) to 8 is three times more than 2. Given any pair of positive numbers, X and Y Y is (Y/X - 1) times more than X.

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What is 2x X y?

2x times y is written 2xy. This means all three of these numbers multiplied together.

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What half the product of x and y?


What is the derivative of 2y times 3 minus y?

in respect to y 2y*3-y collecting the three times the coefficient of y which is 2 6y-y 6y-y=5y the derivative of 5y in respect to y is 5.

Three times the product of twice a number y and x?


What is the y- value is three more than four times the x-value?

y=4x+3 is a way to say this with symbols.

What points on the line given y 5x 3?

The one(s) where the y coordinate is:five times the x coordinate plus three;five times the x coordinate minus three;three plus five times the x coordinate; orthree minus five times the x coordinatedepending upon which of the following equations is intended (as there are missing operators in the question):y = 5x + 3y = 5x - 3y - 5x = 3y + 5x = 3[Note equations 1 & 3 are the same equation written in different forms.]