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Q: What is three twentyfifths as a percent?
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What is the percent of three twentyfifths?

3/25 = 12%

What is 7-twentyfifths as a percent?

If you mean 7/25 as a percentage then it is 28%

What is 32 percent as a decimal and a fraction?

32% = 8/25 , that is, eight twentyfifths OR 32%=0.32

Eleven twentyfifths as a decimal?


What decimal is equal to thirteen twentyfifths?


What is nine twentyfifths equal to?


What is four and four twentyfifths as a decimals?


What is five and four twentyfifths as a decimal number?


What are some equivalent fractions to three fifths?

six tenths, nine fifteenths, twelve twentieths, fifteen twentyfifths, and the list goes on and on. Hope this helped!

What decimal is equal to seven twentyfifths?

7/25 = 0.28

What is 25 times one twentyfifth?

25 twentyfifths aka 1

What is sixth and twentyfifths as a decimal?

6 + 20/5 = 6 + 4 = 10

What is eight twentyfifths?

8/25 as a decimal is 0.32

What is the equivalent percent of 3 twentyfifths?

% rate of 3/25:=(3 ÷25) x 100%= 0.12 x 100%= 12%

What is 800 three percent of?

800 is three percent of 26,666.67

Is 6 eights equal to 9 twentyfifths?

No, 6/8 is greater than 9/25.

What is 9 tweentfiths as a decimal?

The word tweentfiths is not recognised. If it is an epic fail at your spelling twentyfifths, then the answer is 0.36

What is two twentyfifths as a decimal?

2/25 x 4/4 = 8/100 = 0.08

How do you change three percent to a decimal?

You change three percent to a decimal.

How do you write three-fourths as a percent?

how do you write three-fourths as a percent

How do you say 3.75 percent?

three point seventy five percent. or three and seventy fifths percent.

How do you get an average of 85 percent 58 percent 92 percent?

Add the three together and divide by three.

What is one percent of three hundred?

1% of 300 is three.

How do you change 3 to a percent?

You could use a percent sign - 3%. Or you could use decimals - 0.3 for three percent, or 0.03 for three tenths percent. This is assuming you are working off of a hundred. # percent of a hundred is 3, three percent of 200 is 6. Percent is a ratio.

What is 2 percent of three quarters?

2 percent of three quarters is 0.015.