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Average speed.

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Q: What is total distance and total time used to calculate?
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What is the equation to calculate time?

Distance divided by speed is used to calculate time.

What is the formula used to calculate DISTANCE?

distance = rate x time

What formula is used to calculate speed?

Distance travelled / time taken to travel the distance

What is formula used to calculate the speed of an object?

Speed = (distance covered in some time)/(time to cover the distance)

What is the equation used to calculate the distance something travels?

The equation used to calculate the distance something travels is given below . we know, speed = distance /time . distance = speed X time in meters /km /or any other unit of length.

What are the data used to calculate for speed?

Distance covered (displacement) and the time taken to cover the distance.

The formula used to calculate average speed?


What is formula is used to calculate speed?

Speed = (distance traveled in some period of time) divided by (time to cover that distance)

How do you calculate the distance and object has traveled?

One formula that is often used is: distance = speed x time

What is a seismic travel time curve?

A seismic travel time curve describes the relation between the travel time of a seismic wave and the epicentral distance. It is used to calculate the calculate the distance of the earthquake's epicenter from the seismograph.

How do you calculate the amount of time taken to Montreal?

-- Calculate or look up the distance between you and Montreal. -- Estimate the speed at which you can travel there. -- Divide the distance number by the speed number. The quotient is the length of time in motion it will take you to cover the distance. -- ADD the length of time you expect to be stopped for fuel, rest, food, and pits. The sum is the total time you should expect it to take you. It's as accurate as the numbers were that you used for distance, speed, and stops.

What is equation is used to calculate the speed of light?

Speed of light = distance travelled by light/time taken to travel that distance.

Can total time be used to solve for average speed?

I'd imagine distance/total time=average speed

Why area below the distance-time graph is used to calculate speed?

That's not correct. If you have a graph of distance as a function of time, the speed is the slope of the graph.

What formula is used to calculate velocity?

v=d/t where d is the distance and t is the time

Given two speeds how do you find the average?

If both speeds are used for the same amount of time, the average speed is just the sum of the two speeds divided by 2. If one speed is used for a longer time than another, you will have to calculate the total distance traveled for each speed (speed x time), and then divide by the total time (add the times).

How do you calculate utilization?

Utilization = [The total time actually utilized (e.g for project or machine turned on for) ] / [The total available time (e.g calendar time, total time process/machine could be used for)]

How is mathematics used in Aircraft Navigation?

When navigating math is most commonly used to calculate distance, speed, and time. It is possible to estimate time of arrival, if you know the distance and the speed you are traveling. It is possible to estimate how fast you are traveling, if you know the time and the distance. It is also possible to estimate how far you have gone, if you know your speed and your time.

What two fatcors are used to calculate work?

distance and force work=distance/ force

What two factoers are used to calculate average speed?

Average speed during a period of time =(distance traveled during the time) divided by (length of the time period)

How is maths used in archery?

maths is used in archery to calculate the distance between the arrow the target and to calculate the arc of the arrow

How do you calculate miles traveled per every dollar spent?

Divide the total distance by the amount of fuel used... then multiply by the cost per gallon.

Which formula is used to calculate speed?

speed = distance/time v2 = u2 + 2as final velocity squared = initial velocity squared + twice the acceleration multiplied by distance

The harmonic law can be used to calculate a planet's?

Distance from the sun.

What two factors are used to calculate work?

Force and distance