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Since 17 is a Prime number, it has no factors other than 1 and itself. As a result, 12 over 17 cannot be reduced.

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Q: What is twelve over seventeen reduced?
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Is seventeen over twelve equivalent to one and five over twelve?


How woulds you write this in words 12017?

Twelve thousand and seventeen - or - twelve thousand seventeen.

What is twelve over fortyeight reduced to?


What is three over twelve reduced?


Can seventeen over twenty-four be reduced?

Nope... because 17 is a prime number.

What is twelve times seventeen?


What is seventeen eighteenths minus two thirds?

Two thirds is twelve eighteenths. Seventeen eighteenths minus twelve eighteenths is five eighteenths.

What is seventeen eighteenths minus two-thirds?

Two thirds is twelve eighteenths, so seventeen eighteenths minus twelve eighteenths is five eighteenths.

What is -33 12 as a mixed number in reduced form?

Thirty three over twelve as a mixed number in reduced form is expressed as 2 and 3 over 4.

What is 12017 in words?

Twelve thousand, seventeen.

Can twelve ninteenths be reduced?


What is seven and one sixth plus five and one fourth plus five and one sixth?

seventeen and seven over twelve

How do you you reduce twelve over twenty-eight?

12/28 = 3/7 reduced to its lowest terms

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Twelve has six letters, seventeen has nine.

How many fourths are in seventeen over 4?


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What is twelve forty-fifths reduced to?


What is seventeen over six as a mixed number?

Seventeen over six as a mixed number is 173/5

What is th reduced fraction of twelve twentieths?


What is twelve over twelve as a mixed number?

Twelve over twelve as a mixed number can't appear as a mixed number like one and three fourths, so twelve over twelve equals a whole, or AKA, 1. There's your answer.

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