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2x - 12 = 8

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Q: What is twelve subtracted from the product of a number x and 2 results in a difference of 8 written in a equation?
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What a number that is to be subtracted from another number?

The subtrahend is the number that is subtracted from another number, called the minuend, that results in the difference.

What number results if -9 is subtracted from the product of 2 and -5?

-10 - (-9) = -1

What is the property that you can subtract the same number from both sides of an equation the new equation will have the same solution?

The property is: If equals are subtracted from equals, the results are equal.

What is the difference between integration and derivation?

Integration results in an equation which gives the area under the original equation between the bounds. Derivation results in an equation which gives the slope of the original line at any point.

What number results if -4 is subtracted from the product of 5 and -7?

-31 (5*(-7))-(-4) (-35)+4 -31

What equation results from completing the square and then factoring?

A quadratic equation

The answer to a multiplication problem is called a?

When two variables are multiplied, the result is called a product. When they are divided, it is a quotient. Addition results in a sum and subtraction results in a difference.

What is the difference between observations and results?

the difference is that results are the answers to the observations.

What is 20 percent off of 284?

20% off 284 is 56.8 That subtracted results in 227.2

What is the difference between finding the dot product and using scalar multiplication?

They give us different results. The dot product produces a number, while the scalar multiplication produces a vector.

What is difference in an equation that results an identity and one that results in no solution?

The difference is that one is true for all values of "x" (or whatever variable you use), the other for no value of the variable. It isn't always obvious just by looking at the equation whether is an identity (true for all values of the variable), or whether it has one solution, several solutions, or none. However, if you solve it, you'll soon find that out.

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the results is the ending product what do you see

The results of division?


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What are the results of photosynthesis?

Main product is glucose.O2 is a bi product formed.

What color results when red is subtracted from white light?

When red is removed from the white light, which is the color cyan you remain with Bluish-green color.

The results of subtraction?

The difference.

What is the difference between conclusions and results?

the difference is that results show data and conclusion is telling what exactly happened at the end of something

The results of multiplication?

The result of multiplication is a Product.

What important product results from photosynthesis?


What is the results you get 2 numbers multiplied?

The Product.

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