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Not sure what twelth-twenty fifths means but twelve twenty-fifths is 48%.

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Q: What is twelve twenty-fifths as a percentage?
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What is 7-twentyfifths as a percent?

If you mean 7/25 as a percentage then it is 28%

What are some equivalent fractions to three fifths?

six tenths, nine fifteenths, twelve twentieths, fifteen twentyfifths, and the list goes on and on. Hope this helped!

Eleven twentyfifths as a decimal?


What is three twentyfifths as a percent?


What decimal is equal to thirteen twentyfifths?


What is nine twentyfifths equal to?


What is four and four twentyfifths as a decimals?


What is the percent of three twentyfifths?

3/25 = 12%

What is five and four twentyfifths as a decimal number?


What decimal is equal to seven twentyfifths?

7/25 = 0.28

What is 25 times one twentyfifth?

25 twentyfifths aka 1

What percentage is 1 over 8?


What is the percentage of twelve thirtysixths?

12/36 = 33.33%

What twelve and a half percentage of one kg?


What is sixth and twentyfifths as a decimal?

6 + 20/5 = 6 + 4 = 10

What is eight twentyfifths?

8/25 as a decimal is 0.32

What is two over twelve as a percentage?

2/12 = 16.67%

Is 6 eights equal to 9 twentyfifths?

No, 6/8 is greater than 9/25.

What is 9 tweentfiths as a decimal?

The word tweentfiths is not recognised. If it is an epic fail at your spelling twentyfifths, then the answer is 0.36

What is two twentyfifths as a decimal?

2/25 x 4/4 = 8/100 = 0.08

What is ten twentyfifths in simplest form?


What percentage of Americans live to be 12 years old?

95% of Americans live to be twelve.

What is nine over twelve as a percentage?

9/12 = 0.75 To get the percentage you have to multiply the value by 100. 0.75x100= 75%

What is twelve sixteenths as a percentage?

twelve sixteenths as a percentage = 75%% rate:= 12/16* 100%= 0.75 * 100%= 75%

What fraction is 62.5 of 8?

62.5 is 1/(16/125), that is one over sixteen-one hundred twentyfifths of 8.

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