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Thirty-two. Twenty plus twelve is thirty-two.

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Q: What is twenty plus twelve?
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What is twenty three plus twelve equal?

Twenty three is 23. Twelve is 12. 23 + 12 = 35.

What is 12 plus 0.02 plus 0.005 in word form?

Twelve and twenty five thousandths.

What is three sevenths plus nine fourteenths?

Twelve twenty-firsts.

What is twelve twenty-fifths as a percentage?

Not sure what twelth-twenty fifths means but twelve twenty-fifths is 48%.

Is three sevenths equal to twelve twenty eights?

No.But it is equal to twelve twenty eighths.Twelve twenty eights = 12*28Twelve twenty eighths = 12/28

What number is twelve less than twenty four?


What is twenty three plus twenty three plus twenty three?


How do you say twenty-twelve in french?

twenty-twelve (2012) is "deux-mille-douze" in french. I'm trying to figure out whether you can say "vingt-douze", which would be the literal translation of twenty-twelve, but it seems this is not something that translates directly.

What is twenty times twelve?


Twenty minus twelve?


What is Twelve is to a dozen as twenty is to...?

dont no

When was Doomsday Plus Twelve created?

Doomsday Plus Twelve was created in 1984.

What is the ISBN of Doomsday Plus Twelve?

The ISBN of Doomsday Plus Twelve is 0684182211.

What is the answer for twenty-one plus four times twelve.?

Lets take the word problem and set it up into a mathematical problem. Twenty one plus four times twelve: 21 + 4(12). Always start with parentheses first. 21 + 48. Now do the addition. 21 + 48 = 69.

Twelve squared plus twelve?


How many pages does Doomsday Plus Twelve have?

Doomsday Plus Twelve has 230 pages.

What is nine and five tenths plus three and two fifths?

twelve and nine tenths/one hundred and twenty nine over ten/12.9

What is twelve twenty fifths as a decimal?


What is twenty four minus twelve?


What rhymes with twenty-twelve?

dig and delve

What is negative twenty two plus eighteen plus twenty two?


What are the two equivalent fraction for twelve and twenty fourths?

Well the two equivalent fraction for twelve and twenty fourths is 6 and 18 eighths and 42 and 68 fourths.

What is negative eleven plus twenty?

Negative eleven plus twenty is positive 9.

What is three fourths plus twelve?

Twelve and three fourths.

How do you write year 2012 as words?

twenty twelve

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