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dont no

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Q: What is Twelve is to a dozen as twenty is to...?
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Related questions

How many twenty-peso stamps are there in a dozen?

"Dozen" means twelve.

If twelve is the same as a dozen what would be the same as score?

If twelve is the same as a dozen, then twenty would be the same as score.

What is the ratio between a dozen and a score?

A dozen is twelve. A score is twenty. 12 to 20=6/10=3/5

How many in 12 dozen?

A dozen is twelve, so twelve dozen equals twelve times twelve.

Twelve is to dozen as twenty is to?

An alternative word which can be used to refer to 20 is one score.

How much is a gross dozen?

A gross is a dozen dozen. A dozen is twelve. So multiply twelve by twelve to get a gross, then multiply the gross by twelve again.

How much is a half dozen?

A dozen is twelve; a half dozen is therefore six.

What did Lincoln mean by fourscore?

Four score is a number. A score is twenty, as a dozen is twelve. Four score is 80.

What does a dozen dozen mean?

A dozen dozen is twelve dozen or twelve twelves or 144. This is also known as a gross.

What the name you use for twelve dozen?

Dubble dozen Twelve dozen, or 144, is a Gross

How many 2 cent stamps in a dozen?

Dozen is a word used to represent a grouping of twelve items. Therefore there would be twelve two-cent stamps in a dozen stamps.

How many elephants are there in a dozen elephants?

A dozen equals twelve and if you change it to a dozen elephants you are saying 12 elephants the answer is twelve elephants.

How much is a dozen dozen?

A dozen is twelve. A dozen dozen is 12 x 12 = 144

How many doughnuts are in a dozen?

twelve dozen=twelve.

What is the sum of a dozen?

The sum of a dozen is twelve.

How many in a half of dozen?

A dozen is twelve, half a dozen is 6.

How many cups in a dozen?


How many items in a dozen?

There are twelve items in a dozen.

What name is given to an amount of 12 dozen?

A dozen consists of twelve items in a set. However, if we compile twelve dozens of anything we will get 1 gross. Therefore, twelve dozen is equal to 1 gross.

What is a dozen dozen called?

A dozen is twelve, so a dozen dozen would be 12x12, which is 144. It is called a gross.

What is two dozen?

well if twelve is one dozen then two dozen isss....

How many 2 pence are there in a dozen?

A dozen is twelve. There are 12 anythings in a dozen.

How many years are in a dozen?

There are twelve in a dozen. Of anything.

Twelve is to dozen as mole is to?

6.02 x 1023I think it should rather be: A dozen is to twelve as a mole is to 6.02 x 1023.

If there are twelve 15cent stamps in a dozen how many 12cent stampsare there in a dozen?

there would be 7 stamps in a dozen