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Q: What is twenty times three over five?
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Related questions

What is 5 times 4 plus 5 over 5?

Five times four is twenty. Twenty plus five is twenty-five. Twenty-five over five is five. The answer is five.

What is three over twenty five minus two over forty five?


Twenty two over twenty five minus three over five?

22/25 − 3/5 = 7/25

What is three over five times twenty-four?

3/5 x 24 = 14 2/5

Which equivalent fraction would you have to use in order to add three over five to twenty one over twenty five?


What is twenty three over twenty five in percentage?

23/25 in percentage is 92%.

How many thirds are in twenty five over three?


How do you write three over twenty-five as decimal?


What is four over five times twenty five?

4/5 * 25 = 20

What is nine and one third plus two and five eights?

eleven and twenty three over twenty four.

What is one over twenty five as a percent?

One over twenty-five is 4%.

What is two over three multiplied by five over seven?

10/21 or ten over twenty-one

What does a half times twenty five in a fraction equal?

the answer is 12.5 over 25 your welcome

Five over eight times sixteeen over twenty?

5/8 × 16/20 = 1/2

What is one over three times sixty?

the answer is twenty. if you multiply it right, you will get 20.

What is the square root of three over twenty five?

sqrt(3/25) = 0.346 approx.

What is 5 over 6 times 4 over five?

two over three.

What is two over three times five over seven?


What is three over five plus six over eight?

one and seven over twenty 1 7/20

What is five over twenty five as a decimal?


What is three over five times four over seven?

12 over 35 and then siplify

What is 6 over 50 in lowest term?

3/25 Three over twenty-five.

What is the simplest form of 120 over 1000?

3/25 Three over twenty-five.

What is 4 over five times twenty?

4/5 x 20 = 80/5 or 16

How do you turn six over twenty-five into a percent?

6/25 times 100/1 = 24%