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2 1/4 divided by 1/2 = 4.5 or 4 1/2

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Q: What is two and one quarter times by one half?
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Related questions

What is one quarter of a pound times two?

One quarter of a pound times two is one half pound.

How many is two times a quarter of a rotation?

two times a quarter is a half

What is two thirds of two and one quarter?

one and one half

What is half of two and a half cups?

That is one and a quarter cups.

How many eighth notes equal one quarter note?

There are two 8th notes in a quarter note. There are two quarter notes in a half note and two half notes in a whole note.

How many quarters do you have if you add one half and one quarter together?

three quarters. one half (two quarters) and one quarter = three quarters.

What is one tenth of a quarter?

two and a half cents

What is four times two and one-half?

four times two and one-half is ten

What is one and one half plus three fourths?

Two and one quarter

Determine the amount of time it takes for three fourths of a radioactive sample of an isotope to decay?

One half-life leaves one half of the original. Two half-lives leaves one half of the one half, i.e. one quarter of the original. So, two half-lives decays three quarters, leaving one quarter.

What is one and a half added to two and a quarter?

Three quarters.

What does two and one quarter cups multipied by two equal?

four and one half cups

How many tens are in a quarter?

There are no tens in a quarter, ten is 40 times larger than a quarter. Possibly you meant to ask how many tenths are in a quarter, in which case the answer is two and a half.

What is 1 quarter of fifty two?

Okay, half of 52 is 26. So half of 26 is 13. 13 is one quarter of 52

What is one and one half plus two and one quarter?

Three and three fourths

How do you distinguish a quarter sized violin from a half sized violin?

A quarter size is smaller than a half. Also, the bow will be smaller on the quarter. Line the two violins back to back and see which one is longer. The longer one is the half.

How many degrees in a two quarter turn?

one quarter means 1/4 . so two quarter means 2/4 i.e 1/2 or half and in half turn there are 180 degrees

What number is one half of a half?

If you cut a cake in two, you get two halves. If you cut it again you get four quarters. Half of one half is a quarter.

How many quarter rest in 3 half rest?

A quarter rest is half of a half rest. So there are two quarter rests in a half rest. 3 half rests is 6 quarter rests.

How many quarter notes are equal to one half note?


What is the difference between a half note and a quarter note?

A half note is carried out for two beats, while a quarter note is only carried out for one.

What is half plus one third plus two and one quarter?


What is a number sentence for two and one half plus two and three fourths?

five and a quarter

What is one quarter of ten minutes?

2.5 minutes or two and a half minutes.

What is the answer to one-half times three?

three over two or one and a half