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it is: 2/8 = 1/4 simplified

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Q: What is two eights as a simplified fraction?
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Related questions

What is the simplest form of forty fives eights?

There is no simplified version for this fraction.

What fraction is equal to five eights?

none it is already simplified as far as it can go

Which is bigger the fraction two eights or seven thirty two?

two eights :)

What is 7 eights over 21 in simplest form?

A fraction over a fraction cannot be simplified as these are irrational non real numbers.

Can two and two eights be simplified?

Yes - it simplifies to 2 1/4

What is three eights as a simplified fraction?

3/8 is in simplest form, because neither 3 or 8 go into each other.

What is three eights plus two eights in fraction form?

3/8+2/8 = 5/8

What single fraction equals two eights?


What is two and three eights as an improper fraction?


What improper fraction is equal to two and three eights?


What is the simplified fraction of eight twelfths?

Two thirds.

What can the fraction two sixths be simplified to?


What fraction is equivalent by 7 eights?

Two examples: 70/80 and 77/88

What is six eights as a fraction?

Six eights is 48 = 48/1

What is the fraction three eights in percentage form?

Three eights is 37.5%. :)

What are two equivalent fraction for four sixth?

the simplified fraction is 2/3 and another equivalent fraction is 8/12.

What is the fraction 12 up 125?

The fraction is 12/125. The two numbers are coprime and so the fraction cannot be simplified.

What is 23 out of 70 as a simplified fraction?

23 is a prime number. It does not divide evenly into 70. For these two reasons, this fraction can not be simplified any further than 23/70.

What is 6.15 as a fraction simplified?

6.15 is a fraction. It is a fraction in decimal form but that does not stop it being a fraction. And, as a decimal fraction, it cannot be simplified. Its rational equivalent is 615/100 which can be simplified to 123/20.

How do I write two and two hundred five thousandths as a fraction?

If you mean: 2 and 205/1000 then as a simplified fraction it is 441/200

What is the fraction thirty two eights as a mixed number?

32/8 = 4, a whole number.

How do you change four eights in to a decimal?

four/eights simplified would be one/half so it'd be 0.5

What is 0.125 as fraction simplified?

0.125 as fraction simplified is 1/8.

What is 3.23 as a simplified fraction?

3.23 as a simplified fraction = 323/100

What is 2.75 as a simplified fraction?

2.75 as a simplified fraction is 11/4