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It is any number of the form (2*k)/(5*k) where k is a non-zero integer.

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Q: What is two fifths as an equivalant fraction?
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What is an equivalant fraction of four fifths?

eight tenths

What is 3 fifths equivalant to?


How do you write two fifths as a fraction?

Two fifths written in fraction form is 2/5

What is two fifths add two fifths as a fraction?

four tenths?

Whath is the bigger fraction four fifths or two fifths?

four fifths

What is a bigger fraction two fifths or one fourth?

Two fifths is bigger.

What 0.4 as a fraction?


What is ten fifths in a proper fraction?

Ten fifths = two and no matter what you try, it will not be a proper fraction!

What is two fifths in its simplest form?

Two fifths is already in simplest form as a fraction.

What is two fifth percent as a fraction?

Two fifths, as a fraction, is equivalent to four tenths, which is .4 as a decimal. Two fifths, as a percentage, is 40%.

How many two fifths as a fraction is in two?


What is the fraction two fifths as a decimal?


What is a equivalant fraction for one fourth and two fifths?

1/4 =2/8, 3/12, 4/16 ect 2/5= 4/10,6/15, 8/20 ect

How do you write two fifths?

Expressed as an improper fraction, two fifths is written as 2/5.

What fraction is less than three fifths?

two fifths, one fifth

What is a two fifths?

Two fifths is a fraction that looks like: 2/5. It represents 2 over 5. This is considered a "Proper Fraction".

Which is bigger the fraction two thirds or three fifths?

Two thirds is greater than three fifths.

What is the improper fraction for 2 4 5?

improper fraction for two and four fifths ? fourteen fifths or 14 / 5

How do you change fraction into a mixed fraction?

let say for example you have 7 fifths. There are 5 fifths in a whole. You still have two fifths remaining and therefore the fraction becomes 1 and 2 fifths (1 2/5).

What is equivalant fraction to 9.4?


What fraction is equivalant to 0.03?


What fraction is equivalant to 2.5?


Convert 3.4 to a fraction?

Three and two-fifths.

What is the decimal form of the fraction two-fifths?


Is two fifths an equivalent fraction of one thirds?