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Two sevenths are closer to a half.

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Q: What is two sevenths closer to one half or one?
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What is bigger one half two sevenths or two fifths?

One half is the biggest.

What is two sevenths of seven?

one and a half i think

What is two sevenths plus two sevenths?

4 sevenths just over half

What is the ans of one half plus two sevenths?

It is: 11/14

What is one half plus two sevenths?

0.78571428571 Feel free to round it :)

Is two fifths closer to one-half or one?

One half.

Is two sevenths bigger than a half?


What is five sevenths plus four sevenths?

Nine sevenths, or one and two sevenths.

Is two- thirds closer to half or one?

Closer to 1/2.

What is one minus two sevenths?

Five sevenths

What is four and three sevenths minus two and five sevenths?

one and five sevenths

How do you write two and two sevenths plus three and one half?

2 2/7 + 3 1/2

Which one is greater two fifths or two sevenths?

Two fifths is greater than two sevenths

Is the fraction three fifths closer to zero one half one whole one whole and a half or two whole?

One half.

What is one third of two-sevenths?

1 1/2

What are four fractions between one third and one half?

two fifths, three sevenths, four nineths, five elevenths

Is one tenth plus two sevenths greater than or less than a half?

less..27/70 half would be 35/70

What is the difference of seven thirteenths and two sevenths?

Seven thirteenths is a little over half of a whole and two sevenths is a bit more than a quarter of a whole.

Is two sevenths greater than one half?

2/7 is 3/14 less than 1/2.

What is the decimal for two and one sevenths?


What is two and three sevenths plus one and four sevenths?

The answer to this question is three and 4 ones.

What is three sevenths chicken two thirds cat and half a goat?

Chicago and your mom

Two-sevenths of 84?

Two sevenths of 84 is 24.

Which is bigger two ninths or two sevenths?

Two sevenths is bigger.

What is half of two sevenths?

one seventh 2/7 x 1/2 = 2x1 / 7x2 = 2/14 = 1/7