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Q: What is two thirds divided by four sixths?
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What is 4 and two thirds divided by 8 and three sixths?


What is two thirds divided by four fifths?

Five sixths.

Is five sixths equivalent to two thirds?

No. Two thirds is equivalent to four sixths (if you multiply the numerator and divisor of two thirds by 2, you get four sixths).

What is the decimal for four sixths?

Four sixths = two thirds = 0.66

Which is the largest two thirds or five sixths?

Five sixths... two thirds equals FOUR sixths.

Is four sixths bigger than two thirds?

I'm mostly sure that four sixths is bigger than two thirds.

Which is greater two fifths or four sixths?

Four sixths is bigger. Since if you simplify four sixths is equivalent to two thirds. So two thirds is bigger than two fifths, just like one half is bigger than two thirds.

Is two thirds greater than four sixths?

Two thirds is actually equal to four sixths. You have to reduce four sixths by dividing the numerator and denominator by a common factor, which in this case is 2.

What is one sixth minus two thirds?

Two thirds is four sixths. One sixth minus four sixths is minus three sixths, which is also minus one half.

What is one and two thirds divided by two?

five sixths

What is the answer to two thirds plus four sixths?

Answer = four thirds or one and a third.

Are two thirds and one sixth equal?

no , two thirds is the same as four sixths

What is four thirds divided by two fifths?

Four thirds divided by two fifths equals ten thirds.

Is four sixths equal to two thirds?


Is two thirds and four sixths equivalent?


How much is two thirds of the world?

four sixths

What is five sixths minus 1 sixths?

four sixths or two thirds

Is five sixes bigger tan two thirds?

Yes, two thirds is equivelant to four sixths.

Is four Sixth equal to two third?

Yes, four sixths is equal to two-thirds.

What are two fractions that are equal to four sixths?

two thirds and eight twelves

Is two thirds less than four sixths?

theyre equal, because if you simplify four sixth it reduces down to two thirds.

Is two thirds more than four sixths?

they're the same

How many sixth in 2 thrid?

there are four-sixths in two thirds

What is four divided by two-thirds?

6 is.

What is four and two thirds divided by seven?

I get two thirds. its 0.6666666666666666666666666666667 OR two thirds!