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26 and two-thirds.

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Q: What is two thirds of 80 hours?
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Related questions

How many hours are there in three two thirds?

I think 80 hours.

What is two thirds of two hours?

4/3 of an hour or 80 minutes

What is greater four fifths or two thirds?

four fifths is greater than two thirds four fifths is 80% Two thirds is 66.666666666666666666666666666 etc.

What is two-thirds of 120?

two-thirds of 120 is 80

What is the Answer for 80 divided by 30?


How many hours are in two thirds of a day?

There are 16 hours.

What is two thirds of 120 equal?


What does two thirds of 120 equal?


What is two thirds of 40 hours a week?

26 and 2/3.

What is two-thirds of 3 hours?

2 hours

What is 2 thirds of a day?

Since a full day is 24 hours, two thirds of that is 16. 8 hours in a third day 16 hours in a two third day 24 hours in a full day

What is two thirds of 80?

2/3 x 80 = 53.3 recurring (that is, 53.3333...)

How many feet are 80 inches?

Six and two-thirds

What is 80 percent of two-thirds?


What is two thirds of hundred and tweny?

(120 ÷ 3) × 2 = 80

What is 80 over 12?

80 over 12 simplifies to 20 over 3 or 6 and two thirds.

What is the answer for two thirds of forty?

26,6666666666 and so on 80/3

How many twelfths are in six and two thirds?

6 2/3 / 1/12 = 80

What is 80 over 30 reduced?

Expressed as a mixed number in its simplest form, 80/30 is equal to 2 2/3 or two and two thirds.

How many days are in 10000 hours?

10000 hours is equal to 416 and two thirds (2/3) days. (Rounded up would be 417.)

How long to drive from Toronto to kapuskasing?

Driving time is 10 or 11 hours. The distance is about 850 km, two-thirds of which is on two lane highways with a speed limit of 80 or 90 kph and passing through several small towns.

What is 2 thirds of seven?

Two thirds of seven is 14/3, which is equal to 4.6666 and the sixes go on forever.

What is two thirds of an 8 hour workday?

Two thirds of an 8 hour workday is 5 1/3 hours.

Which is bigger three twelves or two thirds?

Two thirds.Two thirds.Two thirds.Two thirds.

What is two thirds times two thirds times two thirds times two thirds time two thirds?