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2/3 multipled by -6 multiplied by x equals -4x

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Q: What is two thirds the product of -6 and a number x?
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What is two third of 6?

Two thirds of the number six is the number four.

what is Two-thirds 6?

the answer is the number 4

How many thirds of a pie are there in 2 pies?

3 (the number of thirds in one pie) times 2 (the number of total pies) equals six. There are 6 thirds in two pies.

Which fraction is bigger a half or two thirds?

Two thirds is bigger because is you make both the denominators 6. two thirds will be 4 over 6 and half will be 3 over 6

What is the number of wins in 9 games if the probability is two thirds?

6 wins is two thirds. 9 divided by 3=3 or one third of 9. 3+3=6.

One and two thirds times two and three eights?

One and two thirds = 5/3 Two and three eights = 19/8 Reduced... the answer is 23/6 As a mixed number.... 3 5/6

What is the improprer fraction of two and two thirds?

Eight thirds- 2 2/3 3x2 (the whole number)=6 6+2=8 then put the 8 over 3

How many two thirds in 6 cups of flour?

There is 9 two thirds In 6 cups!

What is two-thirds of 9?

6, one third is 3 so two thirds is 6

What are two thirds of ten?

6.66666 recurring or 6 and two thirds.

Which number is larger two-thirds or five-sixth?

5/6 since 2/3 = 4/6

What is 6 times 4 and two thirds?

4 and two thirds = (4(3)+2)/3 = 14/3 6 times 4 and two thirds = 6 * (14/3) = 28

What is 9 times 2 thirds?

Two times nine is 18, making 18 thirds, which reduces to 6. Two thirds of nine (9 X 2/3) is six.

What is the answer 6 and one third minus two and two thirds?

3 and two thirds

What is two-thirds of a number minus 6 and equals -10?


How many sixths in two thirds?

4 sixths are in two thirds in fractions its 4/6 4

What is 6 minus 3 and two thirds?

6 minus 3 and two thirds = 2 and one third.

What number is two thirds of nine?

6 9/3=3, so 3*2=6

What is the recurring number when two-thirds is expressed as a decimal?

It is: 2/3 = 0.666....recurring 6

What is the answer to two thirds minus two ninths?

Two thirds minus two ninths is 4 ninths. Two thirds is 6 ninths. 6 ninths minus 2 ninths is 4 ninths.

Product of two consective even number product is 48?

6 and 8

What is two thirds in a whole number?

two divided by three, or two thirds is .66666 repeating, having the last digit rounded up to 7, giving you .666667. one third:.3 two thirds: .6 three thirds: 1

How many thirds are in 2 units?

There are 3 thirds in a unit, therefore there are 6 thirds in two units.

What are two fractions that are equivalent to two thirds?

Two thirds is equivalent to four sixths (4/6 or 4 over 6) and six ninths (6/9 or 6 over 9).

How many thirds are in 6 and two thirds?

6 2/3 / 1/3 = 20