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2/3 * 2 = 4/3 or 1.33333

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Q: What is two thrids times two?
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What is six and one fourth times two and two thirds?

16.6666663 or 16 and 2 thrids

What is the simplest form of two-thrids?

2/3 is the simplest form.

What is two thrids of two?

11/3 is.

What is two thrids of thrity?


What is two thrids as a percent?


Can congress pass an ex post facto law if both houses favor it by a two-thrids?


What is half of two thrids?


How many sixths are in two-thrids?

There are four sixths in two-thirds.

What is one third multiplied by two?

Two thrids0.666666667

What fraction is equivalent to two and two thrids?


What is the number for two thrids?

2/3 = 0.6666 repeating

What covers two-thirds of Australia?

the outback covers two-thrids of Australia

How many thrids are in one?

Not sure about thrids but there are 3 thirds in one.

What is the reciprocal of two thrids?

The reciprocal of two thirds is three halves - which is one and a half (1.5).

What is two thrids to the second power?

2/3 squared is 4/9

How many inches is two thrids of a yard?

24 inches or 2 feet

What is two thrids as a decimal?

2/3 as a decimal is 0.'6' recurring '6'

Is Pluto less than two thrids of the size of the earth?

Nah Bro It Aint!!

What is elevn thrids divided by 1?

Elevn thrids is. Anything divided by 1 is the same as it was when you started.

What is another way of writing two thrids?

.66 repeating, 4/6, 8/12

What is to thrids of 54?


Is two thrids cup bigger than a half of a pint?

no - 1 full cup = half a pint

What is an equivalent fraction for two thrids?

4/6, 8/12, 16/24 I think you get the point.

What is two thrids to the third multiplied by two thirds muliplied by two thirds?

(2/3)*(2/3)*(2/3) = 6/27

What is two thrids plus four fifths in simplest form?

2/3+4/5 = 22/15