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Two times six minus four is equal to 8.

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Q: What is two times six minus four?
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How much is four times seven minus six divided by two?


Is six minus two one?

No, six minus two is not one. It is four (4)

Two thirds minus four ninths?

Two thirds is six ninths; six ninths minus four ninths is two ninths.

Four times three to the second power minus two?

Four times 3^2 minus two = 34.

Twelve minus four times two to the fourth power plus six equals?

-68 I think

What is the answer to three minus three times six plus two?

Three minus three times six plus two is equal to -13.

What is six minus four and two fifths?


What is six tenths minus two tenths?

four tenths

What is 2 times minus three?

minus six If someone owes (i.e. minus) three dollars to two people, then he owes (minus) six dollars altogether.

What is one half two over 3 divided by three over four minus four over five times five over six?


What is six and two fifths minus four and three eights?


Six times two minus two times two plus one divided by three?


What is six and one fifth minus two and four fifths?

3.4 or three and two fifths

What does minus six multiply by minus two equal?

-12Improved Answer:--6 times -2 = 12

What is six and two thirds minus four and five sixths?

1 and 5/6

What is six eighths minus two eighths?

four eighths, which simplifies to one half.

What minus two and three fourths equal four whole?

six and three-fourths

What is the product of a plus 3 times a - 2?


What is two minus four plus five times ten?


What is six minus one times zero plus two divided by two?

It's one !

What is four and six thirds times six and two thirds?


How is two thirds of six nine?

Two-thirds of six is not nine. Rather, two-thirds of six is four. You can find this by realizing that two-thirds of six is the same as six-thirds of two. This equates to two times two, which is four.

What is 6 - 2?


What is six and a half minus four?

two and one-half, or 2.5, or 2 1/2

Two divided by four times six?