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Q: What is two wholes take away eleven - tenths?
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How many tenths does it take to make 4 wholes?

Ten tenths make 1 whole. So 40 tenths make 4 wholes.

How many tenths does it take to make 10 wholes?


How many tenths does it take to make up 3 wholes?


What is 1 take away 7 tenths?

3 tenths

How do you take 3 tenths away from 1?


How do you take 5 tenths away from 1?


What is seven ninths take away one sixth?

eleven eighteenths

What number will you get if you take away 1 tenths 3 times from 1?

0 will be the answer

What is 20 centimeters take away 2 tenths of a meter?

Two tenths of a metre is 20 cm, so you'll be left with zero.

What is one take away one tenth?

one take away one tenth = nine tenths

What odd number can you take away 2 letters to make even number?

Eleven ... ELEVEN - EL = EVEN

What is 50 take away 6 divided by eleven?

(50-6)/11 = 4

What is 3 fifths take away 7 tenths?

Betch please lmaoo

How do you write twelve-tenths in decimal form?

You write it as 1.2 it's more than 1whole so you take 1 or 10 in this case away. Now you have two tenths making the answer 1.2

What is5-1 6?

The equation five take away sixteen equals out to be eleven. This is known as a math problem.

How many tenths and hundredths are in 144 hundredths?

144 hundredths is 1.44 so it has four each of tenths and hundredths.

Is o4 greater than or less than 4?

no they are the same. if you take away the 0 in the 04 it will look like 4 not 04 so they're the same unless you're talking about 0.4 if you take away the 0 in this one it will be 4 tenths. instead of 0 AND 4 tenths. so yeah

What is ninety take away nine tenths?

If you mean 90 - 9/10, then the answer's 89 1/10. If you mean 90 - nine-tenths of 90 [90 - 9/10(90)], then the answer's 9.

How many sevenths make three wholes?

It takes 7/7 to make one whole. That means it would take 21/7 to make 3 wholes.

What is eleven over twelve take away one sixth?

nine over twelve or three over four if wanted simplified

What is nine tenths take away one third?

9/10 - 1/3 = 27/30 - 10/30 = 17/30

How long does it take to drive 11 miles?

It depends entirely on how fast you are going. If you are going a mile an hour, it will take you eleven hours to drive eleven miles. If you are going eleven miles an hour, it will only take you an hour.

How many tenths does it take to make 1milliliter?

You need to specify tenths of what in order for the question to be answered.

When did Apollo eleven take place?

In 1969

What year did eleven states ratify the constitution before it could take effect?

In 1790 eleven states raitfied the constitution so that it could take effect. It took ten months for them to get eleven states to actually raitfy the constitution.