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The 0845 numbers are unique because they are the only list of British telephone numbers that are not tied to any particular location anywhere in the world.

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Q: What is unique about 0845 numbers?
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How many telephone numbers contain 0845?

0845 numbers are 'non-geographic' numbers, which means that the number is not tied to a specific location. 0845 numbers are usually owned by large companies, banks and other businesses. It is impossible to know how many 0845 numbers exist, as telephone numbers are not released due to privacy reasons.

What area do numbers starting with 0845 originate from in the UK?

The numbers starting with 0845 in the United Kingdom are not associated with any specific location. The 0845 in the United Kingdom can actually be the area code of anyone in the region.

How much does it cost to call an 0845 number on BT?

0845 numbers are charged at the local call rate.

What companies are providers of 0845 numbers in UK? are one of the top providers of 0845 numbers. They've been going since 1999.

What is the cost to set up a free 0845 number?

There are no set up fee's for an 0845 number other than the cost to one's time. Websites such as Just 0845 Numbers and Free 0945 Phone Numbers are good sites to visit.

Will 0845 numbers have to be changed soon?

Nope - 0845 number sales have increased. 0870 numbers need to be changed due to the fact they are premium rate numbers and are ripping people off! Hope it helps!

How do you avoid dialling 0845 numbers?

UK 0845 numbers are being phased out in favor of 0345 and other prefixes. The new 03 numbers are charged at the same rates as regular 01 or 02 numbers, and can use inclusive minutes in your calling plan.

Do 0845 numbers cost more?

In the UK, 0845 is a non-geographic code, originally intended to provide a single national number that would be charged at rates comparable to a local call. However, 0845 numbers now cost more than a local call for most callers, and may even cost more than a long distance call, particularly for a mobile caller. Most "inclusive" plans do not include 0845 numbers. For that reason, 0845 numbers are much less popular than they once were, with many of them migrating to the new 03 range, which offers a better value for callers.

In what countries are calls to 0845 numbers free?

Calls to 0845 numbers are not typically free unless they are included in your specific phone's plan. Some of the plans available from BT for landlines offer free calls on the weekends or evenings.

Are there alternative phone numbers to 0845?

In the UK, 0845 numbers are classified as "Special Services: Basic Rate." The charge can be up to 5p/minute from a BT landline, or as much as 42p/minute from a mobile phone. Many 0845 numbers are migrating to the new 0345 range, which is charged at "geographic rate" (the same as an 01 or 02 number) and will use "inclusive" minutes provided in your calling plan.

What is the significance of 0845 numbers in the UK?

The United Kingdom has a very complicated phone number system. The significance of the number 0845 in the UK represents a non geographical number and is the cheapest.

Are 0845 numbers free?

Numbers beginning 084x and 087x are "special services," and usually chargeable. 0845 and 0870 numbers work on a slightly different revenue system to other 084 and 087 numbers. Ofcom stopped revenue sharing on 0870 numbers in 2009. BT expected the same to happen to 0845 numbers so went ahead and allowed both 0870 and 0845 to be used within inclusive minutes. Ofcom stepped back from cancelling revenue share for 0845 numbers, so BT subsidises the approx 2p/min revenue share on calls to 0845 numbers. The price for 0845 numbers from landlines was tied to "local rate" before 2005. Since 2005, calls to 01 and 02 numbers are no longer charged by distance. There is a single "geographic rate". Additionally, most callers call 01 and 02 numbers for up to one hour within inclusive minutes. "Local rate" no longer exists. It is illegal to describe 084 numbers as "local rate". 0845 numbers cost up to 40p/min from mobiles. From landlines they cost up to 10p/min or many be usable within inclusive calls at certain times, depending on call package. Businesses should be moving to 0345 numbers to ensure their customers pay no more than they would for calling 01 and 02 numbers. The Consumer Rights Directive will force this move in 2014.

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