What is unit of measurement for weight?

Updated: 11/1/2022
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Weight is measured in units called Newton, while mass is measured in units called grams and kilograms.

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Q: What is unit of measurement for weight?
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Is a kilogram used as a measurement for weight?

yes, it is the unit for metric unit for weight.

Are grams and pints the same?

no, grams are a measurement unit of weight and pints are a measurement unit of volume

How many centimeters are in 65 kilograms?

Kilograms is a unit of mass, while centimeters is a unit of length. The two units measure different things and cannot be converted directly without additional information.

What is the scientific unit of measurement for weight?

It is kilogram

How many gramsin 1.8 kilometers?

There are 0 grams in 1.8 kilometers, as grams is a unit of mass while kilometers is a unit of distance.

What unit of measurement is used measure weight?

what is the measurement is used to measure fluid

What is the most useful measurement for weight?

The most common measurement for weight is kilograms (kg). That is the metric S.I. (systéme internationale d'unites) unit for weight.

Is gram a unit of measurement?

Yes. A gram is a unit of weight, equal to 1000th of a kilogram.

What is the measurement of gravity's pull on an object's mass?

The measurement of gravity's pull on an object's mass is typically expressed as weight. Weight is the force exerted on an object due to gravity and is measured in units such as pounds or newtons.

What is best unit of measurement for weight of a phone book?

The best unit of measurement for the weight of a phone book would be in pounds or kilograms, depending on your location's preferred system of measurement.

What is a measurement of weight in the standard measurement system?

the metric system is based on 1 cc of water weighing 1 gram Correction cc is not an acceptable metric symbol; a cubic centimetre is cm3 Nothing can "weigh" 1 gram - it's not a unit of weight though an object may have a mass of 1 g. The question seems to ask for any unit of weight measurement in "the standard measurement system" without defining what is meant. A metric weight unit is the newton, assuming "the standard measurement system" is SI. In the "standard" US measurement system a weight unit is a pound.

What is the unit of measurement for weight?

The standard international unit of weight is the kilogram.Other measurement units exist, such as the pound.1 kilogram = 2.2 poundsAnswerUnfortunately, the original answer confuses 'weight' and 'mass'. The kilogram is the SI base unit for mass, NOT weight. Weight is a force and, therefore, measured in newtons. Similarly, the pound is used to measure mass, NOT weight.