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When you do not know the value of a particular number, the most usual symbol used in place of that number is the letter x.

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Q: What is used in place of the missing value of a number?
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Why and how are variables used in math?

They are used in place of an unknown number or value.

What is the position of a digit in a number that is used to determine the value of the digit?


Math What number is missing 109.110?

There is not a missing number from the number sequence. This is used in math.

What number is known as the place value system?

No number is known as the place value number. Rather it is the system of numbering used whereby a particular digit will change its value depending on its position within the number. eg; 200 and 2,000. The 2 in the first number has a value of two hundred while in the second it has a value of two thousands. It depends where in the positional notation the number is that assigns its value.

What is used as a place value holder and holds the place value of ones?

The 'zero' symbol is used as a place value holder,and it can hold any place.

Describe how place value is used to compare decimals?

Align the numbers according their place values. Go from left to right (decreasing place values) until the face values of the numbers are different. Then the number with the larger face value in that place is the larger number.

In which of the four numeric system is place value not used?

Place value is not used in the Roman numeral system.

The word round in math means to find the nearest value of a number based on a given place value how else is round used in math?

The word round in maths means to find the nearest value of a number.

What is place of zero in number system?

It is used for positional place value purposes so as for example to show that 203 is larger than 23

Why is zero used in a number?

The use of the digit 0 in a number is to indicate place value. It enables you to distinguish between 405 and 45, for example.

What is the device used to take place of a missing body part?


Is place value a multiplication word?

Nope! place value is a numeric word! Place value can be used in multiplication but it's not a multiplication word!

What is used as a place holder and hold the place value of ones?

The 'zero' digit is used as a place-holder.

What is the base 10 number system?

In each place value there are only 10 digits that can be placed, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0. At that point then next place value is used. A different place value system in computers is the based two system. Its number system goes like this 0=0 1=1 10=2 11=3 100=4

What takes the place of missing letters in a contraction?

An apostrophe is used to represent missing characters in a contraction.Two examples are: I've for I have : you'refor you are.

What is a place value chart used for?

it is used to help you with numbers

What is used as a place holder and holds the place value of ones?


What is used as place holder and holds the place value of ones?


What is the term for a device used to take place of a missing body part?


What are linear equation used for?

Linear equations are used to find the value of missing numbers. They are also used to find the relation among the missing numbers. For example= x+3=4 x=4-3 x=1

Who used place value and zero in mathematics?

The Maya

Can place value be used in multiplication and division?


What is an underlying value in Excel?

Sometimes when a number is displayed it may not be an accurate value, due to it being rounded up or down for example. The underlying value is the actual value. It will still be used in calculations, rather than the formatted number that is displayed. So if 3.53 was shown with one decimal place, what you would see is 3.5, but 3.53 is still the underlying value and would be used in any calculations made.

What is a absloute value for a number?

It is any number that when used with integers is 0

Where you use interpolation?

spatial interpolation is used in cartography to obtain a 'best guess' value for missing vaues on a map