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There are very many measuring devices. Some will provide very high accuracy (at a cost) while others are "cheap and cheerful".

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Q: What is used to measure length height and width?
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What do we use to measure length width and height?

It depends on what is being measured. The instruments and units used for measuring the length, width and height of a building would be different to those used for a matchbox!

What is the number representing the linear dimension of an object is referred to as?

Length (breadth, width or height are also used).Length (breadth, width or height are also used).Length (breadth, width or height are also used).Length (breadth, width or height are also used).

The formula length x width x height is used to measure what?

Volume of a cuboid.

Can you measure angles with a ruler?

No, a ruler is used only to measure length, width or height. You must use a protractor in order to measure the degrees in an angle.

How do you convert cm2 to cm3?

That would be pretty hard to do. CM2 is used to measure area (length x width) in centimeters, and CM3 is used to measure volume (length x width x height) in centimeters. You can't find out the volume without knowing the height or depth of something.

Are milimeters used to measure the WIDTH?

no. it is to measure the length. meters is length-wise.

An instrument used to measure length width and height?

A ruler is an example of an instrument that can be used to measure relatively small linear distances, though it could not measure all three at once.

For a rectangle length and width are sometimes used in place of?

Base and height

What tools can be used to find volume?

The length, width and height of an object.

What two tools are used to measure volume?

two tools that you can use to measure volume are a measuring cup and/or you could multiply the height times the width times the length in a rectangular container

What does a ruler measure?

A ruler is used to make linear measurements like length, width and height.

What is the formula used to find volume?

Length x width x height