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Q: What is value of Adlake Kero 434 with Southern Ry on dome?
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What is the value of a railroad lantern adlake-kero 2-41 Canada 1921-1923?

E-Bay has an Adlake Kero railroad lantern (red Globe) for sale with a minimum bid of $24.99 - hope this helps 1921-1923 are patent dates. 2-41 means this lantern was made in the second quarter of the year 1941. Value depends on a great number of variables. Rusty, bent, crooked, no rr markings, $5.00. Complete, straight, sound, stamped with a rare RR markings and cast RR marks on cobalt or amber globe, $400 + ? Most important factor is RR markings which will appear on the shoulder of the smoke dome and on the glass globe, along with the rarity/scarcity of finding an item from this particular rail line. In our area, a marked Adlake Kero frame in good sound condition with little or no surface rust, with a clear glass globe that has no RR markings is about $35-40. Not worth buying mail order due to the cost to ship. Further information can be found at the Railroad Collectors Assn. Inc., one of the premier RR collectors associations in the USA:

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