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Without an equality sign the given expression can't be considered to be an equation and so therefore a solution is not possible.

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The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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There is no equation in the question, only some disconnected expressions. Expressions cannot be solved for the value of a variable.

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Q: What is x is the equation (x-32) plus (x-24)62?
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What is the soution for the equation x plus 1 equals x plus 2?

There is no solution since the equation is inconsistent.

What is x in this equation x plus 7x - 2 plus x plus 7x -2 equals 60?


What are the coordinates of the x intercept for the equation y equals x plus 1?

The coordinates of the x intercept for the equation y equals x plus 1 is (x=-1, y=0).

What is 4x plus 25 equals x plus 10?

It is a linear equation in x. It has a solution, which is x = -5

2.9 plus x plus 7.5 6?

The value of X in the equation 2.9 plus x plus 7.5 = 6 is -4.4.

The vertex form of the equation of a parabola is y x-5 2 plus 16 what is the standard form of the equation?

In the equation y x-5 2 plus 16 the standard form of the equation is 13. You find the answer to this by finding the value of X.

X 3 plus x-1 4 2 plus x?

X 3 plus x-142 plus x is an equation equal to x3+2x-142.

5x plus 4 x-2 -2x 2 x-1 plus 3 x plus 2 solving equation and inequelalities?

The equation 5X plus 4 X-2-2X 2 X-1 plus 3X plus 2 equals 2. This is a math problem learnt in college.

W plus x equals 2y plus z for x?

you can not solve this equation

How do you solve x plus 5 equals 9 plus x?

The equation does not have a solution.

In this equation is X positive negative or zero x plus 9 6?

In the equation x + 9 = 6, x is negative.

What is the solution for the equation -x plus y equals 4 and the equation 2x plus y equals 4?

x = 0 and y = 4

What are the two factors of the following equation x plus 13x plus 36?


What is 2x plus 5 equals 5?

It is a linear equation in x. The equation has the solution x = 0.

What is x plus 4 equals 2x plus 3?

It is an equation and the value of x is 1

What are the factors and prime numbers of 90?

90 = 2 x 45= 2 x 5 x 9 = 2 x32 x 5 Prime number for 90 are then 2, 3 and 5 and 90 is factored 2 x32 x 5

X squared plus 16x plus a equals parenthesis x plus b parenthesis squared In the equation above a and b are constants if the equation is true for all value of x what is the value of a?

a=64 b=8 (x+16x+64)=(x+8)^2

Y equals b plus x plus x2?

y=b+x+x^2 This is a quadratic equation. The graph is a parabola. The quadratic equation formula or factoring can be used to solve this.

What are the solutions to the equation x2 plus 4x-9 equals x plus 1?

x = 2 and x = -5

X plus 3 2 -7 9?

The answer to the equation X plus 32 -7 = 9 is X = -16.

For which value of x is the equation 2(1 plus x) x plus 3 true?

Without an equality sign the given terms can't be classed as an equation and so therefore finding the value of x is not possible.

What equation would be perpendicular to the equation y equals x plus 5?

It could be y = -x+5

What does x equal in this equation- 4-2y plus 2?

Since there is no x in the equation, it can equal anything at all!

Why is x plus y and x plus y not the same?

It is the same. The equation "x + y" is the exact same as "x + y." There is no difference.

Solve this equation -9h - 6 plus 12h plus 40 equals 22?

The solution to this equation is that h is equal to -4. You can substitute this value for h into the equation to get -4 x -9 - 6 plus 12 x -4 plus 40 equals 22, or 36 - 6 plus - 48 plus 40 equals 22.